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Internships are wonderful partnership opportunities for seminarians and congregations. For those seeking to be certified pastors in our association, LCMC requires a one year, full-time internship or its equivalent.

Internships should be 1) intentionally designed for a student’s educational pastoral experience, 2) supervised or mentored by another Lutheran pastor, 3) documented with records and references to be kept by the student.

LCMC does not regulate internships. Some districts may provide help with internships. Internships may have various compensation, and may include traditional or non-traditional seminary education opportunities. Seminarians are strongly encouraged to have an LCMC mentoring pastor who may or may not belong to the same congregation.

Seminarians and Congregations contract with each other. Here are some suggestions to include in such a contract: name of mentoring pastor, specific learning opportunities and goals, length of internship, approximate work hours, compensation. Review the Call Packet for more information.