2007 Annual Gathering Minutes

Minutes - Business Section - 7th Annual Gathering

The Honorable G. Barry Anderson called the convention to order in business session at 2:45 P.M on Monday, October 8.

Anderson was appointed to serve as temporary convention chair for the 2007 LCMC convention. Deb Lingen was appointed to serve as temporary convention secretary.

M/S/P To nominate Barry Anderson to serve as permanent convention chair for 2007

M/S/P To nominate Deb Lingen to serve as permanent convention secretary for the 2007 convention.

There were no other nominations.

M/S/P To close nominations and elect Barry Anderson as convention chair and Deb Lingen as recording secretary for the 2007 convention.

The chair moved to the proposed rules of the convention as presented in the convention binder.

M/S/P To adopt the Convention Rules 1 through 10 as proposed.

M/S/P To authorize the chair to appoint a Credentials Committee for the convention.

The chair appointed Rev. David Herwick (Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Burien, WA) and Rev. Tony Stoutenburg of (Grace Lutheran Church, Hayward, WI), with the assistance of Mrs. Sharon MacFadyen (LCMC Director of Operations/ Financial Secretary), to the credentials committee.

M/S/P To authorize the chair to appoint a convention committee for the purposes of the convention, planning and operational committees.

M/S/P To authorize the chair to appoint tellers, sergeants at arms, and parliamentarians. Anderson announced the report of the Credentials Committee, with registrations from 168 delegates, 104 members, and 48 visitors, representing 89 congregations.

M/S/P To accept the report of the Credentials Committee.

The chair appointed Dr. Mark Hilmer as Parliamentarian for the convention. The chair moved to the minutes of the previous convention. With no corrections or revisions, the chair entertained a motion to accept the minutes as presented.

M/S/P To approve the minutes of the 2006 LCMC convention as presented.

Mr. Kirk Dean presented the Treasurer's report. On behalf of the association he thanked LCMC staff members Bill Sullivan and Sharon MacFadyen for the excellent work they do. Dean noted that the association was founded as a very flat organization and maintains that structure. Our strength is in our congregations. The staff is responsible for operation and administration (communications, accounting, administering the pension plan, insurance, etc.); supporting the message and growth of our membership; and working with the trustees and volunteers on the annual gathering, the leadership conference, and the youth gathering.

In addition to the general benevolence fund, LCMC has two designated "pass through" funds, for Seminary Debt Relief and Mission Support.

Dean directed the attention of the body to the audit report for 2006 (Tab 5 - convention binder) and noted that the association received an unqualified opinion, with no recommendations for operational or numerical changes. He pointed out that the balance sheet shows assets totaling $47,763 in cash contributions and that Dec. 31 is when cash balances are usually at the highest level due to year end giving by LCMC congregations.

Dean reported that St. Michael Lutheran Church of Canton, MI continues to provide office space at no charge to LCMC and expressed gratitude on behalf of the association.

He then discussed the definition of the funds as shown in the report, mentioning the unrestricted, temporarily restricted (e.g. convention registrations) and restricted (the LCMC Seminary Debt Relief Fund, the LCMC Mission Support Fund, and monies sent to the LCMC - Lutheran Men organization for the support of mission, which the LCMC staff administers on behalf of LCMC-LM) and stated that "pass through" monies for those funds totaled $20,254.

Dean also noted that there were some significant legal expenses relating to the investigation of the Augsburg Lutheran Churches District which also will be reflected on the next audit, but expressed hope that those issues will be resolved.

Turning to 2008, the treasurer noted that this is more a spending plan based on actual receipts than a budget. The '08 spending plan projects an increase of 7% on expenses and 5% on donations. Dean reminded the attendees that financial information is usually made available in the LCMC quarterly newsletter.

In discussing YTD cash flow, Dean noted that August is when cash balances are normally at the lowest point. This year the association got a major boost with a Thrivent grant of $25,000 which is being utilized to offset expenses for the convention and the youth gathering.

Turning to the expense side, Dean reported an increase in meeting, travel, and legal expenses generated by the Committee of Investigation regarding concerns with the Augsburg Lutheran Churches District. Legal expenses increased $18,000.

He noted that the trustees only spend funds as we have them and do not commit future revenues or contributions. He then thanked those who support LCMC financially. Of the 143 U.S. congregations, 81 (57%) are currently giving to the association. He urged those not yet supporting LCMC to prayerfully consider giving. Dean stated that donations do continue to increase, as to date we are currently at 73% of the 2006 total. YTD we are $17,000 (8%) higher than in 2006, with some congregations up in giving, while more are down in giving.

Turning to a different topic, the treasurer noted that we are trying to be progressive and innovative. Technology expenses will continue, but will hopefully offset some travel and meeting expense. The DVD telling the LCMC story should be done and available very soon. Dean also reported that the use of phone and computer technology has made LCMC's transition to operating with remote offices, necessary due to Sharon MacFadyen's relocation to Houston, fairly seamless. Finally, he requested that members consider signing up for electronic delivery of the LCMC newsletter to help reduce the expense of production and mailing.

Dean then asked for questions or comments from the floor. It was suggested that the SDRF be referred to as Seminarian Debt Relief Fund rather than Seminary Debt Relief, so as to minimize confusion and perhaps increase contributions. It was also pointed out that a typo in the proposed 2008 budget (Tab 5 – convention binder) be corrected to reflect the Net Income figure as $12,225 rather than $15,775 (the 2007 amount.)

M/S/P To accept the treasurer’s report as corrected.

Rev. Michael Bonham rose to a point of information regarding the duplicate listing of the LCMC congregations in Nicaragua in both Areas 1 & 7 for the purpose of electing trustees. The chair noted the error has no impact because neither Area is electing a trustee this year, and further stated that the apportionment will be corrected for 2008.

M/S/P To approve the apportionment of areas for election of trustees for October 2007 as presented under Tab 7 of the convention packet, as recommended by the board of trustees.

M/S/P To approve the apportionment of areas for election of trustees for October 2008 as presented under Tab 7 and as recommended by the board of trustees, with the correction to appropriately list the Nicaraguan churches, and subject to recommendations of the board for congregations added after this date.

The chair opened the floor to old business. There was no old business.

The chair opened the floor to new business.

Rev. Tony Stoutenburg, Grace Lutheran Church, Hayward, WI suggested that members of the association consider forming a team of LCMC Mission Builders, who would provide volunteer labor for church construction. He noted that his congregation could use assistance and suggested other LCMC churches could also benefit. Rev. Stoutenburg invited interested parties to contact him.

M/S/P To adjourn the business session of the 2007 annual convention and gathering of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra Adams Lingen

NOTE #1: Areas 3, 4, 5, and 6 met in caucus to nominate candidates for seats on the board of trustees. Areas 4 & 5 held uncontested elections; returning to service on the board of trustees are Mrs. Sue McKenzie and Rev. Larry Lindstrom. Newly elected to serve from the other Areas are Rev. Christian Magnell and Rev. Kent Groethe.

NOTE #2: During the Business Meeting of the 2006 Annual Gathering, the body passed a resolution titled “Motion for an Investigation and Discipline Process of the Augsburg Lutheran Churches District of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ for the Sake of the Peace and Unity of LCMC.” This resolution contained the following requirement: “The Board will then report to the 2007 National Gathering and all LCMC Congregations on its decision and rationale.” Rev. Dale Wolf, chairman of the Board of Trustees, included that report as part of the State of the Association address; it is included as an addendum to these minutes.

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