2012 Annual Gathering Minutes

Convention Business

Mark Vander Tuig introduced Kip Tyler, Chair of the Board of Trustees, who called the convention to order in business session at 2:50 p.m. Monday, October 08, 2012. Kip Tyler opened nominations for Convention Chair.

M/S/P To appoint Barry Anderson Temp Chair for 2012.

Chair asked for nominations for Recording Secretary for 2012.

M/S/P To appoint Martha Uecker Nelson Recording Secretary for 2012.
Chair directed the body to Section 5 of Gathering booklet….. in regard to adopting the official convention rules and announced that the deadline for suggested amendments to the By-laws would be 3:30 p.m. Monday.

M/S/P To adopt the conventions rules as presented.

Chair appointed Tony Stoutenburg & Sharon MacFadyen to serve as the 2012 Credentials Committee.

Report of Credentials Committee to establish a quorum for the Gathering submitted by Tony Stoutenburg.

930 Total Attendance
481 Delegates
265 Members
184 Visitors

M/S/P Credentials Report

New Business

Correction: Draft Report of the Minutes of last convention- change heading to 2011 not 2012.

M/S/P Consideration of By-Laws

Proposed changes were outlined in the Registration Material. The gathering was asked to refer to those changes throughout this discussion.

M/S/P Report of By-Laws Committee.

“About the By-Law Committee” explained the reasoning to the Gathering and noted that the committee kept at fore-front: “we are a congregationally based organization".

By-Laws of LCMC proposed changes:

Section 1:03
Minor change of “organizational principles”
Paragraph E

Adoption 1.01-1.03 M/P

Section 1.05
Would be addition Paragraph C notice to association
Adoption 1.04, 1.05 M/P

1.06-8 Moved from other section of the By-Laws
Minor language changes “Membership” deleted

1.07 & 1.08 No quotas for services, congregation available to form as they choose

Adoption 1.06, 1.07, 1.08 changes M/P

Section 2
2.02, 2.03 Essentially new 2.03c how we define ordained ministry
Discussion of: Removal of much of 2.02- is elsewhere in the Constitution or By-Laws

Clarification of “the church” meaning- congregation, no impingement by others

Amendment to motion to amend to delete line “along with other organizations of the church,”


Adopt as presented M/P

Issue of Article 14 as part of 2.03a explained.

Ministry Board Section

Section 2.05-2.10 Chair called upon Paul Spaulding to explain the background of 2.07 of due diligence for
background check and 2.08-2.10 cause for removal-needs to be a process for this. He noted that 2.10 Needed for legal liability.

Adoption 2.05 Rusty Bailey motioned amend amendment to change of “establish” to “recommend” M/P

Discussion pursued concerning 2.05-2.10

Adoption 2.05-2.10 as amended, M/P

Section 5 Questions of District Organizations- reorganize the paragraphs
5.04, 5.05, 5.06 Explanation of language of the authority of Districts
5.04c Unanimous insertion of “member”

Adoption 5.04-5.06, M/P

Section 6 & 7 grammatical changes

Adoption Section 6 & 7, M/P

Section 10.01 & 10.02 Deletion M/P.

M/S/P Move as adopted as amended of the changes of the By-Laws.

Chair entertained nominations for Treasurer:

  • Laurel Swanson, Lutheran Church of the Cross, Altoona, IA
  • Larry Beldin, Lutheran Church of the Master, Omaha, NE
  • Eugene Grimm, American Lutheran Church, Prescott, AZ

M/S/P close nominations. Each candidate introduced themselves to the Gathering body.

Chair thanked all 3 candidates for their willingness to serve.


Chair explained the concept of areas. They are used solely as a means for voting for Board members to the whole.

M/S/P Approve 2012 areas including the new that joined since the proposed election areas were printed.

M/S/P Proposed Areas for 2013

The business session recessed at 4:24 p.m. until Tuesday.

The Business Session was moved back into session at 1:50p.m. Tuesday

Credentials Committee report by Tony Stoutenburg:

484 Delegates
293 Congregations
310 Members
184 Visitors
978 In Attendance

Election of Treasurer

Kip Tyler explained the election procedure and read the bio of each candidate for the position of Treasurer.

LCMC – 2012 Treasurer’s Report

Kirk Dean reported that once again we received a clean audit.

Kirk reported and explained about the LCMC Mission Endowment Fund.

Kirk extended appreciation to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for their generous funds.

Also, Kirk extended appreciation to St. Michael LC in Canton, MI for the use of office space.

M/S/P Accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Kirk Dean

Kip expressed our deepest gratitude to Kirk for his work over these past seven years

Chair called upon Credentials Committee who reported with 363 votes cast, Laurel Swanson elected Treasurer with 206 votes.

Groups were invited to come forward to share information about ministries happening:

  • Steve Dornbusch, Calvary, Golden Valley, MN informed members about BLGH Building Leaders for a Global Harvest, a ministry in Ethiopia to train/develop leaders for Ethiopia & across Africa.
  • Robert Nordvall shared about EEMN Eastern European Missions Network.
  • John Dovinh shared about Lutheran Asian Ministries
  • LCMC Lutheran Men in Mission distributed gifts to recipient mission congregations.

M/S/P Close Business session.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Uecker Nelson

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