2011 Annual Gathering Minutes

Mark Vander Tuig introduced Becky Lee, Chair of the Trustees, who called the convention to order in business session at 3:05 pm on Monday, October 3, 2011. Becky Lee opened nominations for Convention Chair.

M/S/P To appoint Becky Lee Convention Chair for 2011.

Chair asked for nominations for Recording Secretary for 2011.

M/S/P To appoint Bruce Gamache Recording Secretary for 2011.

Chair directed the body to Section 4 of Gathering booklet in regard to adopting the official convention rules and announced that the deadline for suggested amendments to the By-laws would be 5:00 pm Monday.

M/S/P To adopt convention rules as presented.

Chair appointed Tony Stoutenburg and Sharon MacFadyen to serve as the 2011 Credentials Committee and Joseph Leavengood as acting Parliamentarian.

Report of Credentials Committee to establish a quorum for the Gathering submitted by
Tony Stoutenburg.

1,098 total attendance
601 delegates
362 members
135 visitors

LCMC - 2011 Treasurer’s Report

Once again this year, it is my pleasure to be able to report that LCMC has had another successful year financially due to the considerate benevolence of you, the member congregations.

I will first refer you to tab 5 in your Gathering program booklet and direct you to the independent audit report which shows total assets of $164,330 as of Dec. 31, 2010. As I have reported to you in previous years, these assets are almost universally unrestricted and restricted cash assets used to conduct the business of the association. Essentially the only fixed assets the association owns would be technology equipment, which is rapidly depreciated.

The audit again this year does not identify specific weaknesses or make recommendations for procedural or operational changes, and thus is unqualified by auditing standards. The audit that was conducted this year was somewhat abbreviated for various reasons, but there will be a more extensive audit completed for the 2012 fiscal year.

Since the audit numbers obviously show 2010 numbers I would next refer you to the last 3 pages in tab 5 for financial results through August of this calendar year. Revenue to the association from member congregations has remained steady and sufficient.

I would again remind you all that LCMC has no dues, membership fee, or even benevolence expectations of specific member congregations. You are seeing and experiencing what we are doing and what we are able to do with the funding you have been providing. So, please continue to support your association, as you are comfortable and able. And please let the board know of your recommendations for program expenditures as you identify them.

That being said, it is natural that our expenses have grown commensurate with the rapid growth in LCMC membership. The expenses remain similar with staffing, travel, and meetings categorizing the largest areas. Our staffing has grown now to a total of 6 full and part time. Nobody would care to follow our Service Coordinator around as he travels bringing knowledge of our association to the world. And, it is no small job to now produce events like this Gathering or our Leadership Conference as it was just couple years ago when the association was 1/3 our current size and could be held in member churches. I certainly thank our entire staff for the sacrifice they make to their family and personal life for the benefit of our membership.

Another key change element affecting the financial side continues to be technology. We have worked hard since the inception of LCMC to not build infrastructure, facilities, bureaucracy, etc. So we have made heavy use of technology as possible. Our address is Canton, Michigan but our head office is Des Moines, Iowa, Columbus, Neb., Fargo, ND, Minneapolis, MN, AND Canton, Mich. Most of our business is conducted telephonically and much of our informational communication comes to you via LCMC.NET. We have recently invested in significant upgrading of the LCMC website and I strongly encourage you to use that as your first source for information and contact. We cannot afford to staff any of our “head offices” 24 hours a day, and your use of the website will save us significant time and dollars in addition to being a very effective and consistent communication method.

You can see on page F-1of Tab 5 a very concise budget for 2012. This is done purposefully as we need to remain very flexible but conservative at this stage of our association’s life. We want to remain very open to new programs or opportunities, but always remembering our congregationally-based culture. This budget is offered to you as a proposed budget and will only be approved by the board at our next meeting after any input or suggested change is received from you, the membership.

And please understand, every attempt is made to operate the association as efficiently and effectively as possible. The board and staff vehemently monitor expense control at every opportunity.

Just two more quick things - as always I mention the Seminarian Debt Relief fund which is one of our few restricted funds that is continually in need of support. We have numerous seminary graduates who are coming out of the seminary with considerable debt and this fund has been established to help them reduce that debt. If you would wish to designate some of your benevolence that way we know it can be used, as well as to the Mission Fund, or the Lutheran Men’s Fund.

Also, Thrivent Financial has once again this year increased their support for a LCMC and this Gathering to the amount of $72,500 so thank you very much Thrivent if you are present, and to all our members, please express your appreciation to them whenever you have the opportunity.

Madam Chair, I submit this as my annual treasurer’s report to the association.

Kirk Dean

M/S/P Accept Treasurer’s Report presented by Kirk Dean

Chair Lee referred to Area apportionment information behind Tab 7 to determine congregations assigned to Area #2 and Area #4 who will caucus for electing Trustee.

MOVED to approve 2011 Region apportionments of congregations for election of Trustees and approve 2012 Region apportionment of congregations for election of Trustees.

It was noted from the floor that there were omissions from the 2011 listings for Area #2 and in Area #4.
Chair asked for all observed omissions to be brought to the attention of the podium for correction of the listings.

It was also noted from the floor that numerical variance in # congregations in the seven Areas for Trustee election should be reviewed once omitted congregations are added. Chair asked for a deferral of vote on 2012 congregational apportionment until corrections could be made and called for a recess of business until 1:30 pm Tuesday.

The business session recessed at 3:40 pm.

The Business Session was moved back into session at 1:30 pm Tuesday.

Mark Vander Tuig invited Perry Peterson to address the Gathering in regard to Lutheran Men in Mission. $100,000.00 have been raised to help fund Mission Congregations to date.

He described the two funds: BAM Buck a Month and Committee of 100.

Perry Peterson awarded 5 grant requests:
Living Water Lutheran Ohio $3,000 for a sound system
Hope Lutheran Church Quincy Ill
Peace Lutheran Gulf Shores Ala.
Radient Church of Garden Grove Ca.
Funds for Cambodian Well Ministry accepted by Tom LoVan to drill 17 wells.

Chair introduced LCMC Staff : Sharon MacFadyen, Cathy Nichol and Kristy Thomas.

Videos on Leadership Gathering and Denver Gathering were presented.

Chair Becky Lee addressed establishing apportionment of congregations for 2012 to determine Areas to elect Trustees.

Area # 1
Mountain of Faith Tooele Utah

Area #4
North West Prarie LC Viroqua WI
South West Prarie LC Viroqua WI
Franklin LC Viroqua WI (Soldiers Grove WI.)
Gloria Dei LC Tomah Wisconsin
Immanuel Tigertown WI
Shepherd of the Lakes Waupaca
St John Weyauwega
Farmington Waupaca
Cornerstone Wausau

Area # 5
Annapolis Annapolis MD
Area # 7
Celebration Fredericksburg VA
United Crockett VA
St. John Roanoke VA
Apostles Chesapeake VA

M/S/P Accept amended lists of congregations to Areas for the 2012 election of Trustees. Chair announced the result of Monday afternoon caucus gatherings,which reported uncontested elections of Trustees Becky Lee in Area #2 and Martha Nelson in Area #4.

Report of Credentials Committee to update attendance at the 2011 Gathering submitted by Tony Stoutenburg.

1,120 total attendance
602 delegates
373 members
145 visitors

Trustees report on trip to Ethiopia presented by Anne Gran and Martha Nelson.

Review of 2010 resolution to establish a working relationship with EECMY.

Janet Christianson asked for amended wording in third petition to read:
We will pray for and with each other for the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit as we discern together how this partnership will develop.

M/S/P To amended wording in the resolution.

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus have found common ground in the Christian faith and mission. We rejoice in the relationship Christ has brought about and the future direction in which He will take us. We realize that these our brothers and sisters have much to offer us as an association and we humbly desire to work together.

We believe that the Lord Jesus has brought us together, that the Holy Spirit is guiding us in this partnership and as we are faithful, God will use the EECMY and the LCMC in fulfilling the Great Commission. Therefore we commit to the following:

We will pray for and with each other for the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit as we discern together how this partnership will develop.
We acknowledge and confess that we are all members of the Body of Christ and a part of the same family of believers and therefore share in full communion with one another.
We affirm and support the mission and ministry of the other, finding our place in fulfilling the Great Commission both in our own country and in the world.
We accept the priesthood of all believers and the divine right of the congregation to call forth leaders, pastors, teachers and provide for instruction in the historic orthodox Christian faith.
We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is useful for teaching, correcting, rebuking, and training in all righteousness.
We will work toward the willing exchange of pastors in our congregations and teachers in our seminary training.

M/S/P Approve amended the resolution on fellowship relationship with EECMY congregations.

Chair informed the Gathering that the Trustees saw fit in light of the tone set by our speakers to offer a statement describing our intent as an association in regard to ecumenical relations.

“In ecumenical relations LCMC is unique in that such relationships do not come top down but are lived out and arise from our congregations. We confess our belief in the holy Christian Church through the creeds, and believe the unity in Christ’s Church comes from faith in Christ alone and is brought to fruition through the Holy Spirit. The interaction of our congregations with other Christian congregations of other denominations through joint mission, ministry and leadership is how this is lived out. We believe in such relationships there is not a need to change who we are theologically or pragmatically, but to simply live out the Great Commission together. We encourage our congregations to relate with other Christian congregations. This we believe applies to our brothers and sisters in other Christian congregations.”

M/S/P To adopt the statement on ecumenical relationships.

M/S/P To recess the business session of the LCMC Gathering until the opening of the 2012 Gathering
in Denver, Colorado at 2:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Gamache’

NOTE: Areas 2 and 4 met in caucus to nominate candidates for seats on the board of trustees. Both trustees from those areas, Rev. Becky Lee and Rev. Martha Uecker Nelson, were re-elected to serve on the Board of Trustees.

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