Galilee Evangelical Mission

Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola

Robert Mankaka, Evangelist

This is a gathering of 28 congregations that are the result of evangelistic efforts of Robert Mankaka over the last 20 years.  Robert Mankaka came to the United States in 2001 to continue his theological education and now lives in Rochester, MN with his wife, Paola and three children.  He is currently leading a church out of his home and oversees the congregations in Africa as well.

Robert has a heart for both evangelism and discipleship and even though absent, the congregations and their ministries continue to grow and reach out in to groups of people who have never heard of Jesus.  Since leaving Africa, the number of churches has more than doubled and they continue to grow both in numbers and maturity.

The Galilee Evangelical Mission is connected to the Evangelical Renewal District and is an international partner with LCMC.

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