Capstone Ministries

Capstone Ministries is a ministry of reconciliation of street children in Western Kenya. Capstone focuses specifically on the vulnerable street boys on the streets of Kisumu, Kenya. Through the nine Kenyan staff members, Pastor Dan and Patty Schmelzer, provide an outreach ministry on the Lutheran Church compound. To date, Capstone has restored 230 street children with their families.

The strength of the ministry is the follow up counseling given to families who have received a boy back home again.  This reconciliation is enhanced through seven Bible study groups.  In these groups, families are ministered to by an indigenous Lutheran pastor and vicar and encourage each other in their family challenges.

You can read more about Capstone on their website at

You can subscribe to the newsletter and write directly to missionaries Dan and Patty Schmelzer at

Dan and Patty are available every fall to visit your church and present more about Capstone Ministries.

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