St. Peter’s Lutheran School

St. Peter’s Lutheran School is currently serving the western New York, Niagara Falls area in providing nurture, outreach and quality Christian education in partnership with the communities and family in the surrounding area. We proclaim the Gospel to all, nurturing growth and relationships with Jesus Christ.

St. Peter’s Lutheran School was founded in 1844 and is a direct ministry of St. Peter’s Ev. Lutheran Church of Walmore, in Sanborn NY, an LCMC Congregation. Over 80% of our students are from non-members, with majority of them from non-church families which means our school serves as a Mission Field for the community and surrounding area. We are blessed to live in an area of diversity where we can reach out to and provide an education to children from the inner city, area suburbs, those on our local Native American Reservation, as well as the many who live in rural communities here in Western New York.

As a school, we are able to operate in a stable position because of the gifts of the St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. We offer financial aid to families who seek a Christian education for their children. Our belief is that no child should be turned away from a Christ based education due to financial constraints.

Join us in partnering together to support finical aid scholarships, transportation for children in the inner city, outreach activities to families that are non-churched. Find out more at our website below.

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