Friends of Madagascar Mission

“Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM)” is on the FRONT LINES OF MISSION.  This means:
  1. 100% of your gift goes towards the mission project you choose to support.  Nothing is taken out of your gift to pay for our administrative costs.  This is our guarantee! 
  2. We do not ship anything to Madagascar.  Freight costs are very expensive.  The funds raised by us are transferred to the church and they purchase the products in Madagascar.  This also helps the local economy in Madagascar.
  3. We do not own any property and we do not have a paid staff.  
  4. We transfer financial gifts quickly to the mission project site in Madagascar.  There is great financial need in Madagascar for support of mission projects.  We work to shorten the distance between the time a donor’s gift is received and the gift is transferred to the mission project. 
“Friends of Madagascar Mission” (FOMM) is all about supporting the Programs of the Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM), (not imposing our agenda upon their mission).  This includes:
  1. Ejeda Hospital Nutrition Program: In Madagascar the patient’s family is responsible to provide the food.  Drought is frequent at this S. W. Madagascar hospital location and so families are without food.  How will a patient become well without good nutrition?  This program provides food for these families.  Many of the patients come from non Christian areas, and so this is a part of their evangelism outreach and witnessing to the Faith.
  2. Prison Ministry: In Madagascar the prisoner’s family is responsible to provide food.  This program provides, Bibles, worship services, counseling, confirmation, baptisms, medicine and rice.  This is another program with the focus on evangelism outreach and witnessing to the Faith.
  3. Evangelists and Bible Schools: The work of outreach into the villages where the Gospel has not been heard is done by evangelists. They attend a two year Bible School of the FLM.  Their annual wages is $600.00 a year.  The FLM does not have the resources to pay these evangelists.  FOMM, with FLM approval, has set a goal of supporting 25 evangelists by the end of 2012, and increasing the number each year as approved by the FLM.  Madagascar is ripe for hearing the Gospel, and the Malagasy evangelists are the answer to this need.  In addition we work to provide support for the Bible Schools.

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