New Hope Mission Society

New Hope Mission Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to the Muslim World.  Support for this mission is received from congregations as well as individuals.
New Hope Mission Society currently supports the following missions:
  • Pastor K.K. Alavi, Southwest India
    Pastor K.K. is a converted Muslim and has a strong calling to tell Muslims about salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Otten English School, Southwest India   
    This is a Government certified school that has over 1,200 students – Preschool to Gr. 12.  Only 6% of the students are Christian, but each day begins with Christian prayer and devotions.  Many Muslim students stay after school to learn more about Jesus Christ.
  • Pastor Titus, Nigeria, Africa
    Pastor Titus travels throughout Nigeria, starting and supporting Christian churches in Muslim villages.  He is fearless in his faith of Jesus Christ.
  • Frank Hutton, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota    
    Frank works with foreign University students, linking them up with fellow Christian students, holding noon meals, taking them on weekend retreats: always telling them about salvation through Jesus Christ.
Current officers of New Hope Mission Society are:  Dorothy Desens, President; Paul Knudson, Treasurer; Joann Yost, Secretary; Ian McDonald, Project Manager.

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