Tartu Academy of Theology in Estonia

The MISSION of Tartu Academy of Theology (TAT) is to proclaim the Word of God in ESTONIA, the country which suffered for 50 years under Soviet occupation and is considered to be one of the most secular countries in the world.

Estonia was occupied for 50 years after WW2 by the aggressive, atheistic Soviet Union. This regime tried to break our deep Christian roots. Unfortunately, they were quite successful. During the first 10 years of Soviet occupation 2/3s of Lutheran pastors were killed, imprisoned, or escaped from the country. Before WW2 98% of Estonians were Christians; today only around 12% are members of different Christian churches. Christian continuity was cut in Estonia.

We are trying to reconnect the Estonian people with their Christian identity that was lost during 50 years of Soviet occupation by proclaiming the Word of God in Estonia, not just today, but for generations to come. For this purpose we launched a Christian college, the Tartu Academy of Theology (est. 1992) and a Christian outreach center, the Home of Hope (est. 2019).

Pastor Siimon Haamer, President of TAT, is a third generation Lutheran pastor and represents a family that has been sharing God’s Word with the Estonian people for nearly a century despite persecution and hardships. The story continues as Mattias Haamer, representing the fourth generation, has joined this important mission work.

Ministries of Tartu Academy of Theology and Home of Hope

  • Bachelor and Master Program run together with Estonian Lutheran Church Seminary
    • Pastors, Chaplains, Pastoral Care Givers, Church Musicians etc.
  • Bible School
  • Christian Youth Work
  • Christian Radio
  • Pastoral Care Center

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