Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Joppa, Maryland, United States

Associate Pastor

  • Address: 1100 Philadelphia Rd, Joppa, Maryland 21085
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Debbie Charbonneau
  • Phone: 410.679.4000 x117
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Associate Pastor
  • Position Title: Associate Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

    1100 Philadelphia Road

    Joppa, Maryland  21085



    Associate Pastor – Vacancy Announcement


    Job Purpose:

    The Associate Pastor is supervised under the direction of the Lead Pastor.  The Pastor works with the Lead Pastor to coordinate the spiritual ministries of the congregation and is involved in pastoral duties as mutually agreed upon.

    A percentage of the Associate Pastor’s time is to be spent in general congregation visitation; which includes overseeing the Inactive notification and Inactive visitation of the congregation.  Additional areas of responsibilities include supervising pastoral support of the children’s and youth ministries and family life ministries.


    Duties: The Pastor must be outgoing, energetic, creative and who is a self-starter, possessing the leadership, team-building organizational skills.

    1. Pastor’s Devotional Life:  To the best of the Pastor’s ability with the help of God:
    1. Personally, engage in a discipleship approach each day for prayer and Bible reading.
    2. Pastorally, support in prayerful intercession, members of Trinity congregation, and especially those members known to be suffering with spiritual, mental or emotional trials.
    3. Pastorally, share in prayer and service during pastoral, administrative, and staff meetings as arranged by the Lead Pastor.
    1. Worship and Preaching:
    1. Preach a number of times throughout the year including sharing of Festive Sundays and Lent.
    2. Share in funerals, Weddings, and Baptismal Conferences with the Lead Pastor.
    1. Visitation:  The Pastor shall assist the Lead Pastor in pastoral care in the areas listed below as directed by the Lead Pastor.
    1. Develop and supervise a plan of inactive visitation. 
    2. Visit, with the assistance of the Lay Ministry Team, and visitation/visit those in the hospital, sick and shut-in, Holy Communion, and prospective visitation as needed and scheduled.
    1. Team(s) Responsibilities:  Will assist in leading all the teams and promote team building and continuity among the organization.


    2. Children’s Ministry Leader:  
    1. Oversee the Children’s Ministry Leader in coordination of all aspects of children’s ministry.
    2. Assist with the coordination of the team, staff and volunteers.
    1. Youth Ministry Leader:
    1. Oversee the Youth Ministry Leader in coordination of all aspects of youth ministry. 
    2. Serve as the resource person for the team, staff and volunteers.
    1. Small Groups Ministry Leader:
    1. Oversee the Small Groups Leader in coordination of all aspects of small group ministry.
    2. Help facilitate, recruit, train, and encourage leaders for existing and new small groups.
    1. Administration: The Pastor serves under the direction of the Lead Pastor and authority of the Executive Leadership Team.
    1. Meetings, the Pastor shall meet weekly for staff, administrative, devotional, planning, and sharing time.  Monthly, the Pastor will attend team meetings, Parish Planning Council and the Executive Team meeting.


    Personal Development:  For personal growth, both in development of personal skills, the Pastor shall involve himself/herself with the following as mutually agreed upon the Lead Pastor.

    1. Conference, regional and synodical meetings and conferences for pastors and congregation.
    2. Regional and synodical workshops, especially in the areas of responsibility, within a reasonable geographical area.
    3. Seminars and clinics as deemed helpful by the Lead Pastor for personal development needs.
    4. The Pastor may use five days per year for continuing education, as approved by the Lead Pastor.


    Minimum Requirements:

    1. Bachelors’ Degree from accredited college or university
    2. Masters’ Degree from Seminary
    3. Ordained Minister
    4. Must have at least five (5) years’ work experience.

    Submit resume to:  Shawn Ruehl, Assistant Executive Director at

    Position closes on Monday, June 3, 2019.