Peace Lutheran Church of Watertown

Watertown, Minnesota, United States

Director of Youth & Family

  • Address: 600 Kristi Lane, PO Box 817, Watertown, Minnesota 55388
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Sandy Fleischman
  • Phone: 952.955.3434
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Youth Ministry
  • Position Title: Director of Youth & Family
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Scope of Responsibility:

    The Director of Youth and Family Ministries will provide primary leadership for developing, implementing, evaluating and maintaining a congregation-based ministry with youth, children and their families.  This position plans, coordinates and is responsible for activities, such as Sunday school, summer programs and youth group activities.  This position will have a strong focus on proactively developing relationships between and among members of families of the congregation.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities                                

    1. Identifies, recruits, trains, and supervises volunteers for Youth & Family Ministry teams (e.g. Sunday school leads and teachers, summer programs). 
    2. Directs volunteer recruitment, coordination, evaluation and spiritual development.
    3. Oversees Children's Ministries (pre-school through elementary-aged children), including a weekly program of Christian education on Sunday (e.g. Sunday school) and/or midweek (e.g. SPARK), and flexible programs during school vacations, nights, and weekends (e.g. Vacation Bible school, Day trips/outings, service opportunities). Has oversight for children’s sermon (J.A.M.) on Sunday mornings.
    4. Oversees IGNITE Youth Ministries (7th–9h grade students) including Sunday school, Confirmation, and flexible programs during school vacations, nights and weekends (e.g. Middle school retreat, Confirmation retreat or camp, participation in VBS, Day trips/outings, service opportunities).
    5. Oversees High School Youth Ministries (10th-12th graders) including facilitating a youth ministry team, a weekly ministry program, Peer ministry, and flexible programs during school vacations, nights and weekends (e.g. mentors, retreats, lock-ins, leadership in VBS, Mission trips, service opportunities).
    6. Oversees intergenerational Family Ministries including a regular calendar of family events that encourages and strengthens the faith foundation in the context of family in daily life and builds relationships within and among families.
      1. Develops lead team(s) to assist in planning and implementing special programs. 
      2. Defines the responsibilities of each volunteer leader and collaborates with the individual(s) to develop curriculum, program scope, and evaluation method for each program at a set interval or at its conclusion.
      3. Makes special efforts to gain the endorsement, support and involvement of all adults, especially parents and other congregational organizations.
    7. Takes reasonable steps to maintain a high moral and ethical quality of leadership for the children by screening all adult volunteers involved with the Youth and Family Ministry.  This includes the establishment, implementation, record keeping, and maintenance of PLC's policy on youth safety.  All adult volunteers will be required to consent to and pass a criminal background check, as well as, abide by the youth safety policy upon its implementation. 
    8. Administrative Requirements:
      1. Assists in coordinating participation in church wide sponsored events.
      2. Participates in staff meetings and coordination of ministries with other staff persons on a regular basis and the Youth and Family Ministry Team on a monthly basis.
      3.  Develops and manages annual budget for implementing all Youth and Family programs and activities.
      4. Establishes and maintains communication with parents and leaders of Youth and Family activities, informing them about events and encouraging their growth in understanding the faith of children.
      5. Develop specific and attainable goals collaborating with ministry teams for Youth and Family Ministry that supports PLC’s strategic plan for continued growth.
      6. Evaluates all programs at their conclusion to include participant and volunteer feedback.
      7. Includes outreach components to implemented programs to benefit PLC’s partner ministry.
      8. Communicates and markets special programs to the wider community.


    1. Proven leadership with emphasis on communication, delegation and multi-tasking, able to build and sustain programs. 
    2. Degree/Certification or significant experience (references required) in Youth & Family Ministry or similar preferred.
    3. A passion for interacting with children, youth and adults.
    4. Ability to share one's faith.  This may include occasionally giving a message or homily to the congregation.
    5. Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills, comfortable using multiple methods of communication.
    6. Ability to maintain confidentiality in all matters and prioritize work.
    7. Skill in using personal computers and proficient with Microsoft Office suite.