Hawley Lutheran Church

Hawley, Minnesota, United States

Lead Pastor

  • Address: 510 8th St., PO Box 580, Hawley, Minnesota 56549
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Charlotte Meyer
  • Phone: 218.483.3396
  • Email: hlc@hawleylutheran.org
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Lead Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:


    STATUS: Full-time, Salaried

    HOURS: 40 Hours per week Plus

    BENEFITS: Full Family Health Insurance, Retirement Account –based on years of service, PTO/Vacation –based on years of service, Continuing Education Funds -budgeted


    General Position Summary

    The Lead Pastor serves as the spiritual leader of Hawley Lutheran Church (HLC) with an intensity to help the congregation fully experience God, grow in joy and compassion, ultimately leading others to know the grace of God. 

    Hawley Lutheran Church is searching for a full time Lead Pastor who will provide the primary, spiritual leadership through preaching and teaching in partnership with HLC’s spiritual leaders and the Vision Council in the shepherding of the people. The Lead Pastor models a life worthy of the Gospel, demonstrates leadership skills as a shepherd of souls, is a facilitator who empowers others, and is a teacher of the Word of God. He/She administers the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, leads the congregation in developing genuine worship, trains and equips the congregation for the work of the ministry, which includes the sharing of the Gospel with the churched and unchurched of our community.

    The congregation expects the Lead Pastor to possess certain identifiable gifts and abilities. While the specific tasks and responsibilities of the position are listed on the following pages, the Lead Pastor will be expected to be a collaborative, servant leader, as he/she leads the congregation in worship and spiritual journey. He/She will accept and subscribe to the Constitution and By-Laws of HLC. The Lead Pastor will have mutual accountability with the Vision Council for fulfilling his/her call as pastor of HLC, and for carrying out his/her ministry job description. He/She is responsible for direct supervision of the church staff.

    The specific ministry responsibilities of this position are identified in the remainder of this document. The Lead Pastor will be responsible for, and will be held accountable for, the overall operational ministry of the church.



    The role of the Lead Pastor at HLC is to ‘live in the middle’ – engaging the ministry staff directly and congregation through the Vision Council in developing vision and mission while leading the staff and congregational leaders in implementing that vision and mission. This role involves:

    • Working with the staff leadership team and Vision Council to discern the future of the congregation, keep leaders spiritually grounded, and shape the mission for the future
    • Working with the staff and the Vision Council to develop appropriate outcomes – the differences needed in one to three years – so that the mission takes shape and direction
    • Supervising staff and key leaders in shaping and pursuing the implementation of the outcomes in faithful ways

    Most Desired Qualities

    • Adept at articulating God’s call on his/her life as a Minister.
    • Regularly and consistently prays for the congregation and its ministries.
    • Skilled in candidly communicating the Word of God as it is written by the Word Alone.
    • Skilled in church staff supervision to encourage, guide, counsel, support, and direct in ways consistent with the congregation’s God-led vision and mission. 
    • Possesses aspects of a shepherd with his/her flock; watchman, guard, guide, savior feeder, loves the flock.
    • Adept in referencing the Bible when answering questions and/or concerns as well as when lovingly confronting (care-fronting) members of the congregation.
    • Knows and understands his/her Spiritual Gifts as well as the importance of the congregation knowing and understanding their Spiritual Gifts to increase the spiritual maturity of HLC.
    • Skilled in organizing an effective small group culture.
    • Adept at listening effectively, speaking with clarity, showing respect, and demonstrating good interpersonal skills with everyone.

    Essential Duties/Responsibilities Preaching & Liturgy

    • Provides effective preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a meaningful way
    • Traditional and Contemporary Services


    Worship & Music 

    • Responsible for the development and execution of effective worship services for all members of the congregation
    • Lead pastor in worship and music; overseeing the worship life of the congregation, developing seasonal emphasis and creative ways to worship
    • Meet regularly with staff leadership of traditional and contemporary worship services to plan for upcoming worship services

    Pastoral Acts and Care

    • Conduct baptisms, weddings, and funerals
    • Assist staff with confirmation
    • Provide Pastoral counseling to church members as requested
    • Provide shut-in-communion, counseling, and hospital visits for members


    • Shares authority with spiritual leaders, church leaders, and Vision Council
    • Pastor’s focus is God’s vision for HLC


    Congregational Life

    • Meets regularly with spiritual leaders to focus on God’s vision for HLC
    • Meets regularly with Vision Council to focus on Church business
    • Meets regularly with committees
    • Shepherds Spiritual Leaders, Vision Council and committees