First English Lutheran Church

Victoria, Texas, United States

Youth and Young Family Director

  • Address: 516 N Main, Victoria, Texas 77901
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Amy Hartman
  • Phone: 361.935.4446
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Youth Ministry
  • Position Title: Youth and Young Family Director
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Alternate Contact:
    Carrie Myers
    cmyers@premiumapplianceandmore com
    (361) 648-4208

    First English Evangelical Lutheran Church (FELC) is a congregation of God's people committed to serving in the name of Christ and eager to grow in faith together.  Our members are focused on developing a youth program that will nurture growth of both youth and their families.  Our search committee is looking for a director to identify and meet the spiritual and social needs of youth while attracting and retaining them through the cultivation of a youth focused Christian community that extends to young adults and college.  The ideal candidate will create, implement and lead up to date Bible based interactive instruction relevant to the spiritual-wellbeing of youth, as well as, Christ-centered activities designed to promote family supported youth fellowship, music and fun in modern times.

    Acronyms used throughout document:
    • FELC - First English Lutheran Church
    • BOY - Board of Youth
    • BOE - Board of Education

    Position Description:

    • A full time (40 hours/week) key person to oversee youth programs for students kindergarten through grade twelve in a modern, forward-thinking manner
    • Engage and encourage our youth to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through worshipping God, connecting with each other, discovering God's word, serving our community
    • Communicate and answer to the BOY Chairman and Senior Pastor
    • Communicate with the BOE to create a congruent front between the two boards
    • Meet the overall goal of growing FELC through parents and their children


    • Certificate in youth/family ministry from an accredited school or comparable credentials
    •  One to two years' experience in youth/family ministries
    • A bachelor's degree in education or Christian ministry is a plus
    • Have a personal relationship with Christ; be able to articulate their faith to others; and have a working knowledge of the Bible and the Lutheran doctrine

    Desired Skills/Attributes:

    • Exemplify a passion for serving youth of all ages and their families
    • Be someone they can admire and confide in, that has discretion, and loyalty
    • Strong ability to organize and prioritize
    • Strong communications, management (including conflict) and leadership skills with all ages. This includes verbal and written skills
    • Proficient use of technology, Le., computer skills such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, as well as social media skills and AV platform knowledge.
    • Demonstrate flexibility due to changing schedule and varying work hours/days
    • Skilled in leading children in worship through music that is relatable to today's generations
    • Understand the current modern household and help parents teach kids how to live a Godcentered
      life throughout the week, not just at church


    • Mentor student groups of the church, community, and Crossroads Christian School (CCS)
    • Initial and yearly recertification of CPR, First Aid, and defibrillation device
    • Become familiar with exits, exit strategy, along with security systems in case of emergency
    • Be available to support students through conversation, guidance, and non-church activities.
    • Meet with parents one on one, to discuss their children's spiritual and social needs as needed.
    • All meetings regarding youth and family are to be carefully scheduled and punctually attended with a sincere commitment to listening to the needs and input of others
    • Recruit, mentor, manage and coordinate congregational members and parents to assist with youth activities.
    • Work to integrate youth into all phases of church life and quarterly youth run church services.
    • Establish and maintain a security program that protects youth in our church's care
    • Plan, coordinate, and develop updated programs that support the vision and mission of FELC for Sunday morning education for all youth; Vacation Bible School as a participant or as a volunteer/teacher/helper; Youth group(s); family events; age specific camps or gatherings; community volunteer opportunities (such as Habitat for Humanity, VCAM, etc.}; assist with confirmation to fit our modern, changing way of life
    • In conjunction with BOY and BOE develop a year-round calendar which provides consistent and timely communication with youth, families, and congregation about youth programs, practices, etc.
    • Develop a budget and provide financial accounting for youth activities
    • Prepare a written year-end report of the youth activities for FELC
    • Foster relationships with other youth ministries in our community
    • Attend weekly staff meetings and monthly council meetings.
    • Explore and implement emerging technologies that help engage more volunteers in our ministry
    • Produce newsle!ler and FELC newsletter articles and use social media communication avenues to stay in touch with the youth such as Facebook, lnstagram, etc. that will include pictures, a link to the FELC website, notices of events and such
    • Regularly attend worship and participate in life before, during and after Sunday services, and other gatherings of the congregation serving as a 'role model' to the youth encouraging their participation

    Supervision and Accountability:

    • Reports to Senior Pastor and BOY Chairman
    • Ninety day review
    • Yearly performance evaluation

    Additional Requirements:

    • Commitment to become a member of FELC
    • Current driver's license without restrictions
    • Must submit to being fingerprinted
    • Must pass background check
    • Certify for CPR yearly

    Salary:  $35,000-$40,000 + benefits

    At FELC, we are passionate about making Jesus known locally and to the ends of the Earth, We were established over one hundred years ago in Victoria. We understand the importance of modern and forward thinking ways to make Jesus known. We value the scriptures, a Christ centered approach to ministry, the power of the Holy Spirit in prayer, the priesthood of all believers, and strongly investing in the next generation.

    Position is open until filled. Applications will be reviewed as received.

    To apply, send cover letter, resume, and background consent form including at least three references to:

    FELC Board of Youth
    516 N. Main
    Victoria, TX 77901