Jordan Lutheran Church

Browntown, Wisconsin, United States


  • Address: W9006 Smock Valley Road, Browntown, Wisconsin 53522
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Ginny Severson
  • Phone: 608.214.3795
  • Email:
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Jordan Lutheran Church is a small church in a rural community.   The church building was built in 1860 with updates done to the building.  Most recently an addition was added to the building to make room for handicap bathrooms and a chairlift was added.  The narthex was made larger and the basement dining area was updated sometime in the eighties.

    In 1958 Jordan Lutheran Church joined with Our Saviors Lutheran Church in South Wayne, WI.  We left the ELCA and joined with LCMC in 9/2002.  Our Pastor resigned in 1/2020 and we also separated from Our Saviors Lutheran Church in 1/2020.

    We are immensely proud that we had three of our youth who are Pastors.

    As with many churches we are losing the young generation.  We have an active congregation who are involved in the work of the church.

    Our Sunday School is small.  We have children that were involved in confirmation until our pastor resigned.  Our adult Bible Study is not active currently.

    We worship and have communion weekly.  We use both the traditional and contemporary service and have a small music group that plays and sings some Sundays.  Our church service is 10am but the time can be changed.  In the past we have alternated from early service(830an) to late service(1030an).

    We have members in our church trained in the Stephens Ministries.  We help to support a missionary family and the Pregnancy Center.

    The last several years we have held a worship service in a park that are open to the public and furnished lunch.  The donations collected that Sunday are used for local mission—usually it is for family or families in need.  We also hold a worship service outside at our church with a free lunch and donations collected go to a needy family or families also.  We have called the occasion our Harvest Picnic.  Our members share Christ message daily with friends, co-workers, relatives and anyone else they may encounter.  We also support our local food pantry.

    We have an active quilting group.  We support Lutheran World Relief with quilts, school kits and baby kits.  Our men’s group are available to help with handicap accessible needs/homebound needs or any other needs of our congregations, neighbors, friends—whatever the need may be.

    We have a paid secretary and everything else is done voluntarily.

    We did a pastoral review in September of 2019.

    At this time, our building has no issues that need to be addressed but we are planning to add a multi purpose room in the future.

    We are a church with conservative values.  Our church will continue to be an active church with a pastor who teaches/preaches form the Bible, believes in the Lutheran Sacraments and Doctrine, relates to all age groups and has conservative values.  Examples of a pastor duties/responsibilities would be our weekly worship service, confirmation classes, baptisms, weddings, funerals, visiting the sick at the hospital, nursing homes and at home.  Working with our youth through Sunday worship, Sunday School and confirmation, etc.  A leader/advisor for our adult bible study.  Help/teach/encourage our members to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Update the congregation’s knowledge about the Lutheran Sacraments, Doctrine and history of Lutheran beliefs/religion.  

    We would be open to a full time or part time call.