St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Maumee, Ohio, United States


  • Address: 112 E Wayne Street, Maumee, Ohio 43537
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Breana Callahan
  • Phone: 419.893.0205
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Childrens Ministry
  • Position Title: YOUTH PASTOR / DIRECTOR
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

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    The Mission Statement of St. Paul’s is:  

    “In response to Christ’s great commission to share the Gospel with the whole world, St.  Paul’s Lutheran Church is called to make disciples by connecting the unconnected to  Jesus Christ and together growing in full devotion to Him.”  

    About St. Paul’s:

    • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (LCMC) was established in 1859 at its current location in historic  downtown Maumee, Ohio. 
    • The church underwent a major renovation in 2004 and as of 2018 we are debt-free. 
    • St. Paul’s adopted the apostolic theocracy form of governance in 2012 to open new doors for ministry. 
    • Sunday services consist of traditional liturgical worship as well as modern worship. Modern worship features a mix of traditional readings and sermons alongside a modern band led worship. 
    • We are a multigenerational church serving a diverse congregation across all age groups. We  are committed to showing Christ’s love to all people, single, married, divorced and widowed.  
    • St. Paul’s is working to create a vibrant and growing children’s ministry. 
    • This church has a long history of servant ministry in the local community as well as abroad. 
    • Our members are genuine and authentic in faith and love. We are energetic and open to the  leading of the Holy Spirit. 

    Sunday services: 

    •  8:30 AM Traditional 
    •  9:00 AM Sunday school (traditionally)
    • 10:30 AM Modern 

    Current confirmed membership: 421

    Sunday attendance: 177 (2019) 


    • Maumee retains the small town feel and charm with all of the amenities and proximity to the City of Toledo. 
    • Ohio Magazine named Maumee as a best hometown in its 2016 edition. 
    • Maumee has a diverse economy with many small and large businesses.

    Minimum qualifications

    Graduated from an accredited college/university, ideally with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Family Life Ministry, Youth Ministry, or another related area. (A Master’s Degree is a plus.)

    Willing to be certified by LCMC.

    Application process 

    Step 1: 

    Submit resume (resumes will be evaluated and screened for continuation in the call process). 

    Step 2: 

    Candidates meeting the requirements of step 1 may be asked to provide relevant video lessons and/or sermons viewable on the internet or other digital media. 

    Step 3: 

    Candidates meeting the requirements of step 2 may be asked to participate in interview(s). The interview(s) will be by phone or other digital tool (i.e. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). 

    Step 4: 

    Candidates meeting the requirements of step 3 may be asked to participate in an in-person interview. 

    Step 5: 

    Candidates meeting the requirements of step 4 may be asked to submit references and complete a background check release. 

    Title: Youth Director / Pastor 

    Reports to: Senior Pastor 

    Status: Salary 

    Work Schedule: Part Time / Full Time 

    Essential Function 

    1. Agrees with the mission, values, and theology of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and LCMC. 

    2. The position requires a self-starter with a servant-heart who enjoys working with a team; is a humble leader, encourager and teacher; and desires to work with the church youth. 

    3. Join in team ministry with pastor(s) to find and express mutual support and move the mission and vision of the congregation forward.

    Duties and Responsibilities 

    1. Pastoral and Administrative duties

    • Preach, lead worship and institute sacraments. 

    • Develop practical communication strategies to keep parents, volunteers, staff, and congregation informed.

    • Participate in staff-level meetings. 

    • Other as required. 

    2. Leading and Training 

    • Set direction for Children’s and Student’s Ministries. 

    • Recruit, train, and support leaders (adult and youth). 

    • Lead both Children’s and Student Ministries and raise up a respective lay  Ministry Area Team (MAT) leader. 

    • Build relationships with parents, equipping and empowering them to be  the primary disciple-makers in their homes.  

    • Develop and mobilize students to become servant leaders inside and  outside our congregation. 

    3. Children’s Ministries  

    • Support the children’s ministry leaders with curriculum development & empowerment tools. 

    • Serve as a teacher/leader when needed in any given area of the children’s program. 

    • Lead, plan, and/or coordinate special projects for children and families: Vacation Bible School, Family Worship Experiences, and other creative activities. 

    • Communicate opportunities and encourage membership to embrace and engage our children. 

    • Be a spiritual resource for parents on practical Biblical application in the household. 

    • Ensure that all volunteers are vetted and suited to work with children, and educated in the policies and procedures necessary for working with them. 

    • Integrate children in worship life of congregation.

    4. Student Ministries 

    • Develop, expand, and/or write curriculum to engage junior and senior high school students. 

    • Engage, teach, and lead junior and senior high school students during weekly gatherings. 

    • Engage and affirm students in their non-church, school-related  environments: during and after school hours with a ministry of presence.  

    • Mobilize students in ministry and missions: inside St. Paul’s and outside in our communities. 

    • Organize and engage both junior and senior high school students in fun and fellowship activities each quarter (at least one activity for both groups each quarter). 

    • Help our students grow in an understanding of who they are in God.

    • Implement a plan to grow and cultivate the youth program.

    • Integrate children in worship life of congregation.

    • Be accessible to tend the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of youth in confidence.

    5.  Online Presence

    • Establish a strong online presence.

    • Create profiles on various social media outlets that engage youth. 

    • Create content to engage youth on multimedia platforms. 

    • Bring your knowledge to engage students online and reach them where they’re at.

    • Create educational opportunities to teach parents about social media / online pitfalls.

    Performance Criteria 

    1. Participates in congregational life and worship. 

    2. Become active in the life of our communities and city – engaging children, youth  and families. 

    3. Remain up-to-date on the current trends and issues facing children, youth, and  their parents. 

    4. Build and maintain relationships with St. Paul’s families. 

    5. Provide biblical counsel to individuals and families, including leading parents and children through baptism, confirmation, and the phases/stages of childhood  development. 

    6. Engage new families within 1-2 weeks of their visit, with a ministry of presence. 

    7. Provide pastoral care by assisting our pastors with visitation and counseling to youth and families. 

    8. Respond appropriately and timely to family/youth-related crisis situations when they arise.

    9. Connects with youth online through relevant content and demonstrates robust social media presence.



    1. Graduated from an accredited college/university, ideally with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Family Life Ministry, Youth Ministry, or another related area. (A Master’s Degree is a plus). 

    2. Bible and/or Seminary training a plus. 

    3. 2+ years of full-time, paid experience working with children or teens

    4. We are willing to work with candidates who show strong capacity but may not  meet all the requirements. 

    5. Mature, honest, trustworthy Christian with a depth of faith marked by God’s  grace and mercy. 

    6. Walks with Jesus daily as a humble, spirit-filled believer, and encourages  others to do the same. 

    7. A visible calling to teach youth and strengthen families. 

    8. Desirable skills include: leadership, administration, teaching, and evangelism.

    9. Driven, self-starting, go-getter with strong organizational and management skills. 

    10. Technologically literate – understands, adapts, and flows with trends and platforms. 

    11. Ability to pass a background check.