Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Golden, Illinois, United States


  • Address: 1003 Hayes Street, Golden, Illinois 62339
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Larry Flesner
  • Phone: 217.440.7351
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Our church has begun our search for a full-time pastor. Your information was given to us by the secretary for the LCMC office and we were encouraged to reach out to you. We have recently added our position to the LCMC site under open positions, but also wanted to share more detailed information directly with you.

    Trinity Lutheran Church was established in 1875 in Golden Illinois and is steeped in German heritage. The current building, constructed in 1954, is ADA compliant and as building issues become apparent are completed. Surrounded by farmland and hunting ground, there are also a nursing home, supported by the churches, a medical clinic and pharmacy, library, bank, convenience store, grain elevator, telephone/fiber internet co-op, and the historical Golden Windmill. Golden is part of the Central Unit 3 School District that consistently performs very well academically as well as in athletics and its fine arts programs.  About 30 minutes away are a Level II Trauma Center, specialty medical care, shopping, various restaurants, movie theaters, the Community Theatre and Orchestra, John Wood Community College, and Quincy University. Nearby is an outstanding golf course. There is a large, beautiful parsonage nearby on church property. While Trinity has many older members, there is also a strong young adult group that is choosing to remain in the community to raise their families and provide for the spiritual needs of their children.  The younger group brings energy and leadership through all levels of the church as we look to the future. Our congregation is excited about partnering with a pastor who will lead us in our journey and help us grow our faith.

    Worship services are held on Sunday at 9:00 am and are also live streamed and archived for viewing are more traditional in nature, although we are open to add some contemporary music and services. Communion is desired every Sunday and volunteers take to shut-ins. Special services such as during Lent and Advent are held jointly with Immanuel Lutheran church, also in Golden. Sunday school classes are held immediately after services. Confirmation classes, Vacation Bible School, LYO, and “Kids’ Club” are held jointly with Immanuel Lutheran Church. Our church members and Outreach Committee are actively involved in evangelism and ministry to our community both by volunteering as well as financial support for those in the community who have a specific need and for the local nursing home and the Community for Christ Assistance Center which Trinity helped organize in the early 2000’s.

    A strength of this congregation is that the lay leadership along with a strong staff are committed enough to continue to provide weekly services and ministry while not having a full-time pastor for over 2 years and during a pandemic, average attendance 100.  This tight knit membership also prayerfully decided to affiliate in 2020 with LCMC. Our ministry goals and constitution have been revised and awaiting congregational approval.

    Our need is to partner with a pastor who will lead us in the direction God would have us go. We need to have stronger youth and adolescent ministries. We have much strength as a congregation including willingness to work, a passion to follow God and a spirit of giving and caring for each other and our community. Our church has a demonstrated history of flexibility and support for our pastor knowing they will have challenges personally and professionally just as we do.  We need a pastor who is strongly grounded in God’s word and is passionate about our youth and community. Our new pastor needs to be open minded to strong opinions, community minded, and have a good appetite, as we have some great cooks in our parish.

    If you would like to know more in-depth details see the Trinity Lutheran Church Profile at our website: Please click on the “About Us” tab on our website. We offer a competitive salary with many benefits. Our parsonage is four bedroom, two bathroom home with a large study and living room and has been recently remodeled and in excellent condition. The utilities will be paid by Trinity. Renters insurance is the only expense a Pastor will have. Pictures or a virtual tour of the parsonage is available if desired. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in this call or more information, our call committee will prayerfully consider all applicants. Email a detailed resume to Larry Flesner, Call Committee Chair at: or mail to: Trinity Lutheran Church ,P.O. Box 160, Golden, Illinois 62339 Attention: Call Committee

    We have recently begun our journey with LCMC (we were previously with ELCA) and are excited about partnering with a pastor who shares our passion for Christ and our desire to serve our congregation and our community.