New Life Lutheran Church

Sterling, Illinois, United States

Media Arts Director or Pastor

  • Address: 702 W Lynn Blvd., Sterling, Illinois 61081
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Ben Anderson
  • Phone: 815.631.1999
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Media Arts
  • Position Title: Media Arts Director or Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Ministry Position Overview: Media Arts Director or Pastor


    • New Life Lutheran is a healthy, vibrant, growing Lutheran church located in Sterling, Illinois in the heart of the Sauk Valley. We pride ourselves in being a church that is willing to do anything it takes to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ to bring his transformation into their lives and into the lives of everyone that God has intentionally placed in their path.
    • Over the last number of years, God has richly blessed our church’s ministry, and it is time to expand our ministry team. We are looking for ministry partners who internalize our core values of Biblically and missionally-based Lutheranism, an openness to innovation to reach more and more people for the cause of Christ, a strong desire for excellence in their craft to honor God, and a heart for relational ministry as we equip the saints for service.
    • The new role of Media Arts Director/Pastor will enhance our mission and actualize our vision by producing a quality online Sunday worship experience for those who are connecting with us online for our Sunday worship experiences, take our in-person Sunday worship experience to the next level, produce media content throughout the week to be shared with the world through video production and graphic design, and equip volunteers to partner in this ministry.


    • Daily produce our Social Media content and oversee our Social Media engagement.
    • Weekly engineer our online and in-person audio for our worship services.
    • Weekly prepare our lighting scheme for services.
    • Weekly lead our volunteer Technology team to produce excellent in-person and online worship experiences.
    • Weekly update our Easy Worship system in partnership with the weekend teaching pastor for our worship services.
    • Weekly update our CCLI song registry.
    • Weekly review our worship services and correct any mistakes.
    • Weekly create our Sunday worship service DVDs for those who are homebound.
    • Weekly edit the Sunday sermon for our online platforms.
    • Weekly produce our New Life podcasts in partnership with our Discipleship Pastor.
    • Weekly design any graphics for our Ministry Teams.
    • Weekly update and maintain our exterior digital sign.
    • Weekly review and update our church website, app, and Facebook platforms.
    • Weekly update our weekly announcement slides.
    • Monthly update and maintain our ministry’s work computers.
    • As needed, manage the church’s network.
    • As needed, fix additional technology on the church premises.
    • As needed, recruit, train, and lead our Technology Volunteer Team for special events.
    • All other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor to support the Ministry Team.


    • Needs to be “All-In” on New Lutheran and what we are doing for our King!
    • Needs to be a self-motivated hard worker who is able to succeed with minimal supervision.
    • Needs to be able to produce results, not excuses.
    • Needs to be able to see accountability as an opportunity.
    • Needs to be organized and able to schedule volunteer staff.
    • Needs to be able to train others in technological pursuits.
    • Needs a strong technical acumen and a drive to learn more.
    • Needs to be a team player who is willing to support and assist our Ministry Staff outside their realm of expertise or responsibility.


    • Reports to the Lead Pastor.
    • Works with our Ministry Team members across the church.
    • Supervises volunteer staff.


    • Our full-time Ministry Staff is expected to work 45-55 hours per week with our goal being to develop an efficient team atmosphere that allows us to live near that 45 hours/week mark.
    • Of these hours, our team is expected to maintain on-campus office hours from 8:30a-3:00p, Monday-Thursday consisting of 26 hours.
    • On Sundays, our full-time Ministry team is expected to serve at the church from 6:30a to 1:00p consisting of another 6.5 hours.
    • This leaves our full-time Ministry Staff 12.5 hours to 22.5 hours to accomplish ministry goals in a flexible manner by living out their mission early in the morning, late at night, at home, from a coffee shop, etc.


    • We strive to provide competitive salaries and benefits for our Ministry Staff based on their qualifications and experience utilizing to make sure that our staff members are fairly compensated within our means.
    • Each full-time Ministry Staff member is also given a retirement package based on relevant education.
    • Each full-time Ministry Staff member is given 3 weeks of un-bankable vacation to maintain personal health.
    • Each full-time Ministry Staff member is given 1-week of bankable sick leave for emergencies.
    • Each full-time Ministry Staff member is offered additional compensation to seek excellent health insurance.
    • Each full-time Ministry Staff member is provided with dental, eye, life, and disability programs.


    • If your heart resonated with what God is doing at New Life and the job description below, we encourage you to apply by emailing our Lead Pastor, Ben Anderson at
    • Please include:
      • An updated resume, cover letter, a graphic or pastor that you have designed, and a short video that you have produced.