St. Timothy Lutheran Church of San Diego

San Diego, California, United States


  • Address: 2602 Reo Drive, San Diego, California 92139
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Toni Simon
  • Phone: 619.861.9424
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:


    Our pastor is retiring and we are seeking a full-time Pastor who is a servant of Christ and who will provide spiritual leadership and wisdom to inspire our congregational members to be devoted followers of Christ.  We are a dynamic, multi-cultural, multi-generational welcoming congregation who gather together in fellowship to grow in faith, learn to serve and exercise our spiritual gifts, and grow in fellowship with one another.

    Ministry Responsibilities:

    Our next pastor will be expected to perform the customary pastoral duties and responsibilities of St. Timothy Lutheran Church, including but not limited to the following:

    • Direct the ordering of all worship services of the church.  This includes sermon preparation and Sunday worship, except when on vacation or authorized leave.
    • Officiate over the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion; as well as be available for weddings and funeral services.
    • Direct the education of the congregation including:
      • Direct and support small group discipleship curriculum for youth and adults.
      • Direct and support confirmation classes
      • Direct and support the youth ministry programs.
    • Direct the pastoral care program to serve the spiritual needs of the congregation; including but not limited to hospital, jail, and home visitations.
    • Supervise all paid and volunteer staff.
    • Be a good steward of the church’s financial and personnel resources.
    • Serve in accordance with the basic Pastoral Code of Conduct.
    • Support and advise the church council in the development of church programs, including facilitation of community outreach initiatives, and recruiting and training volunteer teams to carry out events. 
    • Lead the congregation in community-wide celebrations during Easter and Christmas. 
    • Provide Pastoral counseling services for the congregation. 
    • Maintain a resource group of pastors to whom specific aspects of spiritual care may be delegated. 
    • Periodically invite guest speakers and/or worship leaders to Sunday Service. 

    Desired Personal Skills/Characteristics

    • Strong Christian walk demonstrated by regular worship, prayer and Bible study.
    • Strong communication skills with groups and with one-on-one contact through phone calls and personal meetings.
    • Computer skills to support creation of communication pieces in a variety of media forms.
    • Budgeting Experience

    Minimum Qualifications

    Pastors who apply should have a minimum of five to ten years of full-time congregational ministry experience.  We prefer an LCMC-certified pastor.

    It is our expectation that any candidates for this call will have the general personal characteristics, skills, and abilities as listed above.  All inquiries and applications will be reviewed by our call committee.  Please reach out to Toni Simon ( with any questions.  We are happy to share information about our Church and our community.

    If interested, please submit your resume to: