Our Saviors Lutheran and St. Olaf Lutheran

Chester, Montana, United States


  • Address: 10 E Madison Ave, Ledger, MT 59456, Chester, Montana 59522
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Tavi Broadhurst
  • Phone: 406.564.2305
  • Email: tavitownsend@msn.com
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Located along the beautiful Montana hi-line, two small communities are looking for a Pastor for our congregations. The position will include an emphasis on Lutheran scripture as well as strengthening of the youth program. The candidate must be an ordained Pastor in good standing on the clergy roster or an approved candidate for ordination of the LCMC.

    Because our congregations are small, the full time position allows for flexible hours to enjoy the many blessings of our state. Covering 1447 square miles, our communities are rich in agriculture with a combined population of both communities of approximately 1500 people. We are only two hours from the spectacular Glacier National Park as well as countless hunting, fishing and camping opportunities.

    Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

    1. Be under the direction of the church council.
    2. Preside at, and preach the Gospel at regular and special services of the congregations.
    3. Work together with the church councils and lay members in developing total ministry of the parish, training and equipping them to be Disciples of Christ.
    4. Oversee and provide leadership to the administrative assistant, other paid and volunteer staff.
    5. Perform baptisms, officiate at funerals and weddings and administer communion.
    6. Serve as ex-officio member of the church council and committees.
    7. Participate in LCMC conferences and assemblies,
    8. Provide appropriate counseling as needed.
    9. Encourage and advise musical and special ministries.
    10. Maintain contact and communication with organizations in the parish.
    11. Develop a vision for the parish in conjunction with the council.
    12. Help plan social events. Ensure that the records of the parish are updated in a timely fashion.
    13. Be permitted to serve on LCMC boards with council approval.
    14. Conduct or assist with adult forum and bible classes, confirmation classes, membership classes, LYO projects and Sunday school classes.
    15. Visit the hospital, extended care facility and assisted-living homes. Visit members of the church who are active, inactive, or shut-in as well as prospective and new members as time permits.
    16. Contribute to the publication of the monthly newsletter.
    17. Be evaluated at least annually by the church council or its committee.

    We hope that you will prayerfully consider serving our parishes in Montana as they provide the opportunity for small town living with a close knit congregation life. Please contact the committee chair with your interest:

    Tavi Broadhurst