Bethel Lutheran Church

Springfield, Georgia, United States

Full Time Pastor

  • Address: 1984 GA Hwy 21 North, Springfield, Georgia 31329
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Jamie DeLoach
  • Phone: 912.655.9423
  • Email:
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Full Time Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Bethel Lutheran Church


    Certified Full Time Pastor




    This person shall:


    1. Regularly pray for the congregation and its ministry
    2. Provide Services of worship preaching the Word of God and administering the sacraments
    3. Provide evidence of ability to provide visionary Leadership for the direction of Bethel Lutheran Church proclaiming the Gospel, committed to God, teaching the Bible, prayer and speaking the truth of the Bible in all circumstances.
    4. Provide administrative leadership to the Church Council and congregation to build teamwork and assist all members to participate in the ministry at Bethel Lutheran Church.
    5. Support outreach ministries of Bethel Lutheran Church
    6. Guide our visitation committee, perform marriages and premarital counseling, conduct Baptisms, Burials, and Memorials.
    7. Help manage conflict issues with Church Council as needed
    8. Be available for evening activities and weekends as needed
    9. Aid in congregational worship by:
    • Possessing and developing a positive public presence through various skills in worship (Lutheran Book of Worship) in the areas of preaching, worship leadership and hospitality
    • Preaching most Sundays except when on vacation, sick, or other reason.
    • Perform other duties as assigned by the Church Council
    • Having relatable, interesting, and bible-based sermons
    1. Actively conduct visitation to the church’s members and prospective members including shut-ins, the elderly, the ill, and others as needed and administering communion.
    2. Actively participate in the local community by developing relationships to foster Bethel Lutheran Church and to represent Bethel Lutheran Church as a witness in the body of Christ.
    3. Support a youth program by:
    • Encouraging and aiding in the development of spiritual growth in the lives of all young people.
    • Exploring ways to bring youth into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and help them find avenues to strengthen and deepen their faith
    • Increasing the fellowship opportunities for the youth
    • Developing spiritual retreats and events for youth
    • Teaching Confirmation classes
    • Leading Bible Studies with youth and adults




    1. Strong Christian walk demonstrated by regular worship, Bible study and fellowship.
    2. Strong communication skills with groups and one-on-one contact through phone calls and personal meetings.
    3. Personal computer skills to support creation of communication pieces in a variety of media forms.
    4. Desire to grow and learn by seeking out and applying new ideas from reading, studying, and talking with others serving in a similar capacity.
    5. Being a genuine, caring, humble, friendly, compassionate, humorous, approachable individual
    6. Desire to work as a team member to further the mission of Bethel Lutheran Church, which is “to make Christ known to all people, aiding them to become baptized believers, equipping them to become committed disciples of Christ and inspiring them to become Christian servant-leaders in God’s church and world”.




    This pastor will have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited Lutheran seminary and complete the requirements as outlined in the Congregational Bylaws and Congregational Constitution.




    It is expected that this person has the general personal characteristics, skills and abilities as outlined above. At the same time, a call issued to the full time pastor will also be influenced by the direction of the Holy Spirit, a candidate’s personality in relating to others in a team situation, and a candidate’s passion and effectiveness in the areas of evangelism, worship, education, stewardship, social ministry and administration.