Light of Christ Lutheran Church

Fairborn, Ohio, United States

Senior Pastor

  • Address: 48 South Second Street, Fairborn, Ohio 45324
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Farris Welsh
  • Phone: 937.412.1069
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Senior Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Light of Christ Lutheran Church is trying to fill the fulltime vacancy for Pastor of our congregation. The following Job Description is for a Pastoral Call, and is posted for your use. If you are interested in responding to our Call, we will be glad to provide you with a full Call Packet. A request should be forwarded to the Call Committee Chair, Ms. Farris Welsh at or mailed to Light of Christ Lutheran Church, Attn: Ms. Farris Welsh, Call Committee Chair, 48 South 2nd Street, Fairborn, OH 45324.


    Light of Christ Lutheran Church: Pastoral Job Description


    Duties and Responsibilities:


    1. Subscribe to the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) Statement of Faith. Fulfill expectations of Theology, Morality, Faith and Practice as outlined in the LCMC Standards (see LCMC website: for both the Statement of Faith and the LCMC Standards).


    2. Regularly pray for the congregation and its ministry; willingly engage with members of the congregation by ministering to their spiritual needs; support and participate in church fellowship activities and outreach ministries; take a personal interest in the congregation by demonstrating care and concern for families’ joyful celebrations and family tragedies, such as deaths or funerals; visit the homebound and hospitalized and provide Communion and special prayer as requested.


    3. Lead or support the congregation in a variety of social and outreach ministries. In addition, attend the local community pastoral group meetings and other pastoral outreach and growth opportunities, (i.e. conferences, continuing education) when available. Take an interest in the communities around us for the purpose of remaining informed about the people and events in the community where our congregation might have an impact. This education would also be for personal spiritual growth or for providing information to the congregation on what is happening in the Christian Church and our LCMC community.


    4. Lead the congregation in worship by:

                Possessing and developing a positive public presence through various skills in worship (using both the Lutheran Book of worship and alternative worship) in the areas of preaching, worship, leadership, and hospitality;

                Preaching at least once per week on Sunday morning, and in support of other Lutheran services, i.e. Lent, Christmas and Advent;

                Providing opportunities for adults and youth to participate in worship services;

                Performing other duties as assigned by the Church Council.


    5. A minimum 40-hour work week is expected. This includes office hours (regular and by appointment), Sunday services and other church duties. Office hours should be at least 10-15 hours per week where members and non-members can come in or call in for pastoral counseling or other questions and concerns.


    6. Attend Church Council meetings and provide the Church Council with a monthly written report on visits, meetings, monthly activities, and feedback on outreach and growth opportunities. Also, provide information to the congregation on upcoming future events and activities.


    7. Teach the Adult Sunday School, Men’s Bible Study, or Youth Catechism/Confirmation, New Member classes, if and as needed by the Congregation. Mentor and disciple members of the congregation to carry on the ministry of God’s Kingdom.     


    8. Support and review the church’s public communications including the website, social media and any event advertising. Utilize the provided and authorized church computers, email, filing system, etc. for purposes of conducting official church business and for continuity.


    Reporting Relationships: Reports to Council President and the Light of Christ Lutheran Church congregation.


    Supervision Exercised: By the Church Council and the Light of Christ Lutheran Church congregation.


    Organizational Title: Pastor of Light of Christ Lutheran Church, a Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ


    Desired Personal Characteristics:

    1. Strong Christian walk with Christ, demonstrated by regular worship, Bible study and fellowship.
    2. Engaging, friendly, caring, and a joyful servant in God’s ministries.
    3. Strong communication skills with groups, one-on-one contact through phone calls and personal meetings.
    4. Personal computer skills to support creation of communication pieces in a variety of media for a variety of purposes.
    5. Desire to grow and learn by seeking out and applying new ideas from reading, studying and talking with others serving in similar capacity.
    6. The willingness to participate in ongoing training in pastoral ministry or other training in church ministry.
    7. Desire to work as a team member to further the mission and ministries of Light of Christ Lutheran Church, a Lutheran Congregation in Mission for Christ. Acts 2: 41-47 is the basis of our congregation’s mission statement, LIGHT:

    Learn to be like Christ. (Acts 2:42)

    Interact as Christ’s loving family. (Acts 2:42, 44)

    Glorify Christ for all He has done. (Acts 2: 42, 46-47)

    Help others as Christ did. (Acts 2: 44)

    Tell everyone about the salvation that comes through Christ. (Acts 2:41, 47)


    Minimum Qualifications: The pastor is required to be certified by Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. It is preferred that the pastor would have a Master of Divinity or other education degree from an accredited Lutheran seminary. The pastor must also complete the requirements as outlined in the congregational by-laws.