St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Cullom, Illinois, United States

Senior Pastor

  • Address: 511 W. Jackson St., Cullom, Illinois 60929
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Marsha Haag
  • Phone: 815.228.2133
  • Email:
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Senior Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:


    Part 1:  Congregational Information

    Name of Congregation:  _St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

    Congregation Council Chair:  Edward Moritz

    Phone: (815) 689-2389 Email:

    Committee Chair:  Marsha Haag

    Phone: (815) 228-2133   Email:

    List three events or developments that are important from the history of your congregation.  Please indicate dates. If you have a short, concise congregational history, please attach it.

    1. Construction of current sanctuary and fellowship hall in 1960 with construction of a four-bedroom ranch parsonage following in 1969.
    2. One hundred fiftieth anniversary and celebration in 2021.
    3. Disaffiliation from ELCA and affiliation with NALC in 2019 with membership to follow in LCMC in 2022.

    Construction Date of Church Building:  1960

    Date of Last Renovation:  7/30/2018

    Comment on Significant Trends in Congregational Demographics:  Families with multi-generational ties to St. John’s. Small town (550) farming community with K-12 schools, grocery store, medical center, bank, post office, American Legion (serving lunch weekdays) convenient store, beauty salon, and gas station.  It is ideally located one hour south of Chicago and one hour north of Champaign-Urbana and the University of Illinois. 

    Congregation Constitution Was Last Updated: 02/04/2021 (Send A Copy to The Candidate)

    Part 2:  Ministry Practices, Structure, and Future

    Describe the congregation’s present program/practices.

     » Worship (time, type, style, frequency of communion):

    • Traditional worship at 10:00am Sunday with communion weekly which can be negotiated.  We presently live stream on Facebook, have a pipe organ and use LBW and WOV hymns.

    »    Education (adult, youth, confirmation):

    • Adult and children Sunday School held Sunday morning at 9:00am.  Bible study is live streamed on Facebook each Thursday morning at 10:00am.

    »    Evangelism:

    • Cullom Jr. Fair Food Tent, Community Dinners and special events, Joint worship with Methodist Church.

           »     Special Ministries:

    • Visit shut-ins with devotions and communion, World Day of Prayer, Women’s Bible Study (to start in January).  Events to involve the whole community such as the blood drive, thanksgiving dinner. :  CON


    • Part 2 Continued...

    Describe the service ministries of the congregation and its community involvement and partnerships.

    Quilting group for disaster relief, financial donation for school projects, library, food pantry and assist with man service projects.

    Describe the congregation’s present staffing, including both paid and volunteers.

                Paid – interim Pastor, Office Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Treasurer, Organist, lawn service, a cleaning service and pest control.  Numerous volunteers including our church council, Sunday School teachers, and videographers.

    In the past five years, has the congregation conducted a process to review its ministry/ goals?        Yes       No Please attach a current mission and/or vision statement with corresponding goals and timeline.

    • Reconnect with members who no longer attend church, youth participation, and unchurched in the community.

    Is any building program projected?      No     

    If so, when?  ____________________________________________________________________________________________

    Please describe existing building issues that may need to be addressed and the current extent of handicapped accessibility.

    • Out church is one level and handicap accessible.

    Describe the congregation’s stewardship practices.

    • With the NALC we support seminaries.  We make donations for many programs including our largest Disaster Response Program.

    Please attach a current spending plan for the congregation. Additionally, describe savings, endowments or investments and how these funds are to be used.

    • We have saving’s, CD’s and investments along with tillable farmland which generates an annual income.

    What are the congregation’s needs and strengths?  What pastoral skills will best serve the Lord in this particular setting?

    • We need a resident full-time pastor to serve our congregation who is able to minister to people of all ages and be available for outreach in our community. The Pastor must be able to work with other denominations as no other Pastor resides in Cullom. The Pastor must possess good leadership skills and speaking qualities.

    Outline the call process as unique to this specific congregation.

    • We need a candidate who preaches the Bible and helps us continue with our conservative Lutheran traditions.  Must be compatible to rural community.