Zion Lutheran Church

Ottawa Lake, Michigan, United States

Interim Pastor

  • Address: 8307 Memorial Highway, Ottawa Lake, Michigan 49267
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Connie Sieler
  • Phone: 517.447.3991
  • Email: csieler@d-pcomm.net
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Worship Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Traditional Worship
  • Position Title: Interim Pastor
  • Position Type: Part Time
  • Description:

    Zion Lutheran Church of Ottawa Lake

    Interim Pastor Position

    Basic function and responsibility:

    1. Serve as an interim pastor to the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church of Ottawa Lake
    2. Leading Bible study class before Sunday morning worship services
    3. Lead contemporary Saturday evening worship services
    4. Lead Sunday morning worship services
    5. Provide support and pastoral care in times of need (i.e. perform funeral services and baptisms when necessary)

    Skills required:

    1. Preaching liturgy based on the Lutheran Service Book.
    2. Must be able to understand, believe and interpret the doctrines of the Lutheran church
    3. Sermons based on Biblical teachings

    Reporting Relationships:

    1. Reports to Zion’s Church Council

    Desired Personal Characteristics:

    1. Strong Christian character
    2. Strong communication skills with groups and one-on-one
    3. Personal computer skills to support creation of communication pieces in a variety of media forms (i.e. Power Point presentation, Facebook video recording)
    4. Compassion for struggles and concerns of others

    Education Requirement:

    1. Graduation from an accredited Lutheran seminary