Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Inez, Texas, United States

Senior Pastor

  • Address: 185 Kolle St, Inez, Texas 77968
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Deanna Delgado
  • Phone: 361.652.7056
  • Email: delgado895@yahoo.com
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Senior Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Emmanuel Lutheran Church

    P.O. Box 309

    185 Kolle St.

    Inez, Texas 77968




    Vision statement: To be a loving and caring congregation of Jesus Christ, reaching out to one another, the community, and into the world.



    Welcome from the small gulf coast town of Inez Texas. We at Emmanuel Lutheran Church (ELC) have been on the hunt for a senior pastor for our small congregation for about a year now. Has God been putting a congregation like ours on your heart and mind? We have been faithfully praying for just the right person to lead our pained congregation forward and to help build us into the church Jesus wants us to be. The last three years or so have been trying times for our congregation. First, we had the unexpected loss of our beloved pastor in August 2019. Then the strain of trying to keep our church family together during COVID caused a whole new uncharted set of issues as it did for everyone. We have been under the direction of an interim pastor for about a year and while we have been blessed in the leadership he has provided it is not the Lord's plan for the relationship to be a permanent one. While we faithfully trust in God's plans for us and our church, we are prayerfully waiting to meet the target of our search as we are assured that the good Lord already knows who that person is.


    Emmanuel Lutheran Church has been a part of the Inez community for 100 plus years. We are known to our community as an inviting and generous church as we have supported the citizens of Inez and surrounding communities through VBS, Grace retreats, youth summer camp and mission trips as an example.


    ELC needs a pastor who will help us to continue to be the sound Bible based church we have always been. We will continue to prayerfully utilize our time, talent, and other gifts to welcome those who seek the Lord, sustain our current church family, and lift up our church. At present we offer those who wish to praise God one service weekly on Sunday that is also live streamed on Facebook. We offer communion every Sunday and church is followed with fellowship, youth Sunday school as well as adult Sunday school.


    The ideal pastor for out church should possess a Masters of Divinity or equivalent.  

    We are prayerfully asking Jesus to send us that person who will guide us in faithful spirit with prayer and action.

     We are praying for a pastor who will help build us up by being present in the community, improving relationships, heightening the use of spiritual gifts, all in service to our neighbors for the glory of God.

     Our new pastor should be welcoming to all members and offer guidance based on scripture. Visit those who are infirmed or home bound.




    Inez is a small town consisting of a little more than 2000 people. Inez was originally named Arenosa after a creek running through it. The area is called the crossroads because we are about equal distance from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. We have a post office, convenience store, restaurant, and a newly built Dollar General.  Inez is in the Industrial Independent School district with one of two elementary schools located here. ISD is made-up of Inez and surrounding communities with grades pre-K through 12th grade. IISD historically and consistently receives high rankings from the state. Shopping, grocery, and entertainment are offered in nearby Victoria just 15 miles northwest of Inez.


    Is God calling you to lead us? If so, please send a resume to Emmanuel Lutheran Church 185 Kolle St. Inez Texas 77968 or e-mail to delgado895@yahoo.com. Please send a summary of why you feel led to apply and if possible, examples of your services through video.



    Prayerfully and Faithfully yours,

    Deanna Delgado


    Mission statement:

    1. To enrich our lives in God, through worship, Bible study, and prayer
    2. Sponsoring and participating in community events
    3. Encourage mission outreach local and international
    4. Partner with other LCMC congregations, in mission