St. Johns Lutheran Church

Springfield, Minnesota, United States


  • Address: 224 N Mary Ave, Springfield, Minnesota 56087
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Pr Julie Smith
  • Phone: 507.723.5397
  • Email:
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Internship
  • Position Type: Internship
  • Description:


    St. Johns Lutheran Church is committed to the work of educating and training pastors for LCMC. We have created an intern position to provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills in pastoral ministry. This is a traditional internship in the sense that it is one year long and covers the spectrum of the work of a small town, medium sized congregation, with direct, on-site supervision. Interns will have freedom to explore their talents and interests, with a supervising pastor to offer support and direction.


    The intern will not have sole responsibility in any one area of the ministry of the congregation, but will, instead, have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the pastoral office. The final project will be in an area of the intern’s choosing, reflecting his/her particular interests. The following aspects of pastoral ministry will be experienced in the internship.

    • Worship – the intern will regularly lead Sunday morning services, and will participate in the planning/leadership of an occasional service (wedding, funeral, etc)
    • Preaching – the intern will receive regular opportunities to preach at Sunday morning services, and other services (as appropriate)
    • Pastoral Care/Visitation – the intern will participate in the care ministry of the congregation, visiting elderly, ill and homebound members and leading worship at the nursing home
    • Christian Education – the intern will participate and have opportunities to lead in all aspects of the education ministry of the congregation, including Sunday School, adult Bible study, confirmation, and Milestones Ministry
    • Church Administration – the intern will attend monthly meetings of the church council and other board and committee meetings as appropriate
    • Other – the intern will have the opportunity to explore any/all other aspects of parish ministry as his/her interests and time allow

    About St. Johns Lutheran church

    St. Johns Lutheran Church is a congregation of 480 members located in Springfield, MN (about 120 miles southwest of the Twin Cities). We have a vibrant education ministry for all ages, offering a variety of Bible studies for adults, a large cross-generational Sunday school, a two-year confirmation program, and Milestones Ministry. We also have an active, volunteer-led youth group. We are deeply rooted in the community of Springfield and have a variety of outreach ministries in the community. We have traditional worship and an appreciation for music. Historically, we are out of the Norwegian branch of the Lutheran Church. We have been in LCMC since 2010. Our pastor has 20 years of pastoral experience and has been serving with us since 2012.


    The intern will receive housing and a monthly stipend. Details dependent on the particular housing needs of the intern.