American Lutheran Church

Prescott, Arizona, United States

Director of Youth Ministry

  • Address: 1085 Scott Dr, Prescott, Arizona 86301
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Kate Howell
  • Phone: 928.445.4348
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Youth Ministry
  • Position Title: Director of Youth Ministry
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    American Lutheran Church is seeking a Director of Youth Ministry to identify and meet the spiritual and social needs of youth, and to attract and retain them through the cultivating of youth focused Christian community.  The ideal candidate will create, implement and lead Bible based interactive instruction relevant to the spiritual-wellbeing of youth, as well as Christ-centered recreational activities designed to promote family supported youth fellowship and fun.  This is a full time, salaried position with excellent benefits.

    Experience Requirements:

    Experience in leadership and program development of youth ministry.

    Personal Characteristics/Attributes:

    • Professes Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
    • Demonstrates ongoing, prayerful and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Dynamic and energetic youth focused people person. 
    • Gifted in preaching and sharing messages to people of all ages. 
    • Fully supports the vision and Confession of Faith of ALC.
    • High regard for the authority of Scripture; theologically conservative.
    • Conversant with and supportive of Lutheran doctrine.
    • Demonstrates loyalty and commitment to team building with staff.
    • Professionally organized with ability to prioritize.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including conflict management skills.
    • Ability to ensure confidentiality, discretion, and loyalty.
    • Strong in youth group management skills.

    Education Requirements: 

    • Bachelor’s degree preferred. 
    • Specialized knowledge in student ministry gained through seminars and conferences.

    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

    • Attend weekly staff meetings and relevant ministry programs.
    • Congregational membership of ALC and weekly ALC Sunday worship attendance.
    • Participate in the bi-annual ALC New Member Orientation.
    • Work closely with the Associate Pastor and Council Coordinator of Youth and Families to identify the needs of youth at ALC and execute agreed upon programs.
    • Be accessible during specified office hours.
    • Conversant in social media and A/V platforms. 
    • Other duties as directed by Associate Pastor.

    • Coordinate with ALC ministry leaders to plan, implement and promote onsite and offsite youth events to draw youth into fellowship to foster a deeper commitment to Jesus.
    • Regular meetings and communication with ministry leaders, staff and council members regarding youth and family focused ministries. 
    • All meetings are to be carefully scheduled and punctually attended with a sincere commitment to listening to the needs and input of others. 
    • A strong and enthusiastic presence on Sundays before, after and during services. This will include regular monthly engaging “temple talks” (live or recorded) to share upcoming youth events, regular participation in greeting at the entrances to worship and an intentional and joyful outreach to youth and parents before and after services.
    • Work to integrate youth into all phases of church life at ALC.
    • Regular and interactive presence at all ALC ministry events having to do with youth and family.
    • Regular meetings with parents, one on one, to discuss their children’s spiritual and social needs. 
    • The overall goal and mission of the Director of Youth is to assist parents in cultivating within their children a greater love for God and for others in discipleship to Jesus Christ through the study of God’s word, fellowship and prayer.

    • Prepare annual budget for Youth Ministry department.
    • Oversight of any budgeted funds for Youth Ministry.
    • Monitor departmental revenue and expenses monthly.
    • Approve budget changes among line items within department.

    American Lutheran Church was established in 1948 and holds membership in LCMC and NALC. The congregation currently offers four worship services each Sunday, two traditional (8:00 & 10:30 AM) and two contemporary (9:00 & 10:30 AM), with average weekly worship attendance of 600.

    Prescott (“Everybody’s Hometown” and “Arizona’s Christmas City”) and its sister cities of Prescott Valley and Chino Valley have a combined population of 100,000. The community is located in north-central Arizona at approximately 5,200 feet.  Prescott is surrounded by Ponderosa Pine forests and several mountain ranges. It served as the first territorial capital of Arizona and maintains a vibrant downtown filled with Western charm, including the famous Whiskey Row and Yavapai County Courthouse Square.  Prescott is home to the nation’s oldest rodeo and is known for great hiking and mountain biking trails. Less than an hour drive away is beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Less than two hour drive gets you to Phoenix to the south and Flagstaff to the north.  Prescott enjoys all four seasons and is typically 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix during the summer.  Institutions of higher learning include Yavapai Community College, Prescott College, and an extension of Northern Arizona University.

    Interested candidates are directed to submit via email a cover letter, resume, references, and a link to an online sermon/message or teaching if available to