Hope Lutheran Church

Floodwood, Minnesota, United States


  • Address: 401 Highway 73, PO Box 288, Floodwood, Minnesota 55736
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Mark Johnsen, Council President
  • Phone: 218.348.4641
  • Email: johnsens5@aol.com
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Pastoral Position Description

    Congregation: Hope Lutheran Church, 401 Hwy 73, PO Box 288 Floodwood, MN 55736

    Contact: Mark Johnsen, Council President johnsens5@aol.com

    Position: Pastor: We are an established church seeking a pastor for our congregation in the small town of Floodwood in northeast Minnesota. Our weekly attendance averages 50 people. We have active Sunday school, confirmation class and participate in Religious Release time weekly (where students are released from the public school for one hour a week to attend religious education in the local church of their choice). We would like to reach out to more families in the community to welcome them into our congregation.

    Demographics: Floodwood (population 530) is a warm and caring community with a service area of 20 miles, which at least doubles its population. Floodwood is located 40 miles northwest of Duluth, MN on US Hwy #2. Floodwood School (K-12, ISD #698) is located across the street from Hope Lutheran and the Hope parsonage. Floodwood has a few small industries with many people commuting to Duluth, Hibbing, Cloquet or Grand Rapids (all about the same distance) for work. North woods recreational opportunities are abundant and Floodwood supports a full business district in addition to: medical and dental services, senior apartments, and a day activity center. Floodwood’s Riverwalk and Campground take full advantage of two of the four rivers in the Floodwood Area. www.ci.floodwood.mn.us and www.floodwoodbusinesses.com .

    Expectations: Our first and primary criterion for a pastor is one who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as, someone who will love us and our community and be willing to be active in both.

    Vision” by congregation members, done Jan. 2018, during LCMC 3 days of prayer for the direction we would like to see Hope Lutheran Church go in the next year, 5 years and 10 years:

    In 2018:  To thrive, more youth, more people, several confirmands, find an energetic pastor.
    In 5 years:  A younger congregation, grow the church, reestablish a choir, light and fun, disciples of Jesus.
    In 10 years:  Active vibrant church, important in the community, more youth, sponsor new missionary.

    Pastoral Strengths:

    • Promoting spiritual formation by supporting Christian education, preaching and worship leadership.

    • Provide youth and family ministry.

    • Provide pastoral care and visitation with a shepherd’s heart.

    Please include references along with your resume to Mark Johnsen, Council President at the above postal or email address. We would also like candidate to send a record of their preaching in a regular Sunday service including liturgy, preferably in video form. A complete application packet will be sent to all who submit their resume. It is our intent to interview selected prospective candidates. Additional details will be provided at that time.

    Position open until filled.