St. Paul's Lutheran Church

West Falls, New York, United States

Head Pastor

  • Address: 53 West Falls Road, West Falls, New York 14170
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Lori Ignatowski
  • Phone: 716.652.0781
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Head Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church of West Falls is prayerfully searching for a new pastor to lead our church. 

    We are seeking a dedicated individual who is biblically based, conservative, filled with the Holy Spirit and willing to work with people of all ages. They should be willing to work with our youth as well as do visits to sick, elderly, and hospitalized members on a regular basis. We would like an individual who is willing to work with our community and non-members when it pertains to baptism, weddings and burials. St Paul's is looking for someone who is supportive of our Sunday School program and other programs in our church and willing to teach our Adult Sunday School and Confirmation programs. But most of all, we want a pastor who will teach from the bible and teach us about God's Word. 

    A three bedroom parsonage is available to the new pastor. 

    The Call Committee continues to pray and we believe that God has chosen ou new shepherd and that He has the perfect plan for us.

    If St. Paul's sounds like it is for you, please respond in a timely manner. Submit your resume by mail or e-mail.

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church

    C/O Call Committee

    53 West Falls Road

    West Falls NY 14170



    Mrs. Lori Ignatowski, Call Committee Chair @