Hope Lutheran Church

Westminster, California, United States


  • Address: 13841 Milton Ave, Westminster, California 92683
  • Affiliation: LCMC / NALC
  • Contact: Marcy Dordahl-Jones
  • Phone: 714.402.7610
  • Email: marcygdj@outlook.com
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Pastoral Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Senior Pastor
  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Description:

    Hope Lutheran Church, located in the southern California community of Westminster, is seeking a full-time pastor.  Our congregation desires a spirit-filled, energetic pastor who will work in together with our dedicated staff and volunteers to further Christ’s kingdom in our Community.

    The pastor we seek –

    A Preacher and Worship Leader - Passionately preach to inspire, educate, and connect the timeless message and power of Jesus Christ and God’s Word to today’s world.  Coordinate with our worship team members to prayerfully develop meaningful worship services.

    A Teacher and Interpreter of Lutheran Theology – Provide both teaching and guidance for all levels of Christian education to all age groups.  Encourage, equip and empower others to supplement our education programs.  Have a strong knowledge of the biblical relationship to Lutheran theology.

    A Congregational Caretaker with a Spirit of Community – Provide comfort and care to the congregation through visitations, counseling, and providing comfort to those in need.  Inspire us to care for one another as Christ cares for us.  Facilitate teamwork and cooperation, be a team builder and a clear communicator.

    An Administrator & Steward – Work in conjunction with the church council and financial team to develop and implement budgets that are fiscally responsible yet supporting and promoting the Lord’s mission here at Hope.

    A Visionary – Be a visionary agent to work with us in finding ways to optimize our spiritual vitality and health.

    To learn more about us Click Here for Hope Lutheran Church Profile

    For pastors interested in this position, please fill out our Hope Pastor Application.  Send your completed Hope Pastor Application, cover letter and any other relevant information to Marcy Dordahl-Jones, Call Committee Chair, at marcygdj@outlook.com.