Christ Lutheran Church

Maple Plain, Minnesota, United States

Worship Leader / Choir Director

  • Address: 5084 Main St. E, Maple Plain, Minnesota 55359
  • Contact: Ron Boettner
  • Phone: 651.470.4337
  • Email:
  • Category: Worship Ministry
  • Sub-Category: Blended Worship
  • Position Title: Worship Leader / Choir Director
  • Position Type: Part Time
  • Description:

    Job Description

    Title: Worship Leader / Choir Director


    *  A committed believer to God, to serving God's people, and to the mission of Christ Lutheran Church.

    * Agree with and acknowledge Christ Lutheran's statement of faith

    * Song leader skills, adult choir director, and keyboardist for portions of blended worship services. Other instruments a plus!

    * Familiar with Lutheran Liturgy and blended services.

    * Works as a team player selecting music and enhancing the themes of the worship services.

    * Committed to growing the congregation

    * Attends the worship services

    * Reports to the Lead Pastor

    Salary: $8,000 to $12,000 negotiable

    Christ Lutheran Church has a history of loving music, choirs, and worshipping God through music. We are a congregation of about 100 people per Sunday, the adult choir has 14+ members, we have flexability in our scheduling, we have a good guitarist and song leader to work with you, we are twenty minutes from downtown Minneapolis  and we would love to hear you play and sing.