St. Paul Lutheran Church

Hondo, Texas, United States

Youth Minister

  • Address: 1303 Avenue M, Hondo, Texas 78861
  • Affiliation: LCMC
  • Contact: Lynda Halbardier
  • Phone: 830.931.4728
  • Email:
  • Website: Click Here
  • Category: Youth Ministry
  • Position Title: Youth Minister
  • Position Type: Part Time
  • Description:

    Part-time 20-25 hour flexible week.

    a. Attend church services regularly at St. Paul Lutheran Church
    b. Deliver sermons as requested

    a. Coordinate and lead Youth Bible Studies on Sundays and Wednesdays.
    b. Work with the Education Committee regarding Vacation Bible School, the Christmas program and other church-wide events as necessary
    c. Organize and attend summer church camp, as scheduled.
    d. Work with the Pastor in the Confirmation program
    e. Provide leadership development and training for youth
    f. Recruit and train adult volunteers as sponsors and participants
    g. Work with parents in promoting youth involvement and encourage them in their role of raising their children in Christ

    Faith and Fellowship Activities
    a. Coordinate appropriate, faith-filled, fun, purposeful, fellowship and service related activities and missions throughout the year.
    b. Reach out to inactive and unchurched youth and their parents.

    Family and Community
    a. Develop relationships with parents as allies and partners in the ministry of faith.
    b. Attend community and surrounding area events to foster relational bonds with youth and families (Hondo, D'Hanis, Castroville, Devine).

    The Church
    a. Teach the youth about the Christian faith, from a Lutheran perspective, and explain how this relates to the faith and practices of other Christians and churches
    b. Promote St. Paul Lutheran Church with other LCMC congregations and ministries
    c. Promote a relationship with other area churches and their youth ministries
    d. Work with high school youth, preparing them for the life challenges before they graduate
    e. Help maintain an address list and communicate with youth who have graduated from high school through the college years or equivalent period.

    Continuing Education
    a. Be aware of legal issues and boundaries that are involved when working with youth
    b. Be familiar with basic First Aid & CPR certified (train as needed).
    c. Attend youth ministry continuing education and/or training seminars

    Accountability and Communication
    a. Be accountable to the Church Council under the supervision of the Pastor
    b. Participate in evaluations to determine future direction and effectiveness of current strategy
    c. Submit a monthly activity/planning newsletter report to be shared with the Church Council
    d. Use the church bulletin, newsletter, Sunday announcements, the public media such as the Internet, The Hondo Anvil Herald, and other means to communicate youth ministry concerns and/or plans to the congregation (and community, where applicable)
    e. Attend weekly staff meetings, monthly Education Committee meetings and other meetings as requested.

    After ninety days, a performance appraisal will be administered for the purpose of feedback and
    direction. Other evaluations will be administered every year or as needed.