Serving with LCMC

It is the responsibility of the pastors to seek opportunities to serve in ministry.

The Ministry Board recognizes the authority and responsibility of congregations of LCMC to call their pastors. A call from a congregation may be either a Certified or a Contract call.  Definitions of "Certified" and "Contract" Pastors can be found in the Call Packet.

Resources for Clergy 

Those interested in pastoral certification with LCMC should read and familiarize themselves with the documents listed below. 

Open Positions & Available for Call List 

Congregations are welcome to contact any clergy regarding a possible call. LCMC Certified clergy are listed in our Pastors Directory.  If you are a pastor currently listed with LCMC and would like to appear on this list, click here to update your information

To view open ministry positions posted by LCMC congregations, please visit our Open Positions page, located under "Church Life" in the main menu of our website.  If your congregation is a member of LCMC and would like to submit a listing to appear on our Open Positions page, information and resources are available here.


Seminarians interested in going directly into a chaplaincy ministry could be called and deployed as a chaplain by an LCMC congregation. LCMC as an association of congregations does not ordain. Congregations do. Therefore the way LCMC handles specialized ministry by a newly graduated seminary student is that that student would be called and ordained in a congregation and then deployed by that congregation to the chaplaincy role. This "deployed" relationship need have no financial or other obligation by the congregation except that the congregation consider the person to be doing ministry in partnership with them, and that the chaplain report to the congregation about the ministry in an agreed upon manner.

Those pastors who already have been ordained and served in ministry can use this "called and deployed" arrangement if they are hired for a chaplaincy position.

Those seeking endorsement for military chaplaincy should check the "Contact" link and "Boards and Staff" directory page on the LCMC website for the LCMC Military Endorser and contact that individual.