Church Planting: Purpose

Planting new churches in order to effectively reach more people with the life-changing hope of the gospel is a high priority for the LCMC.  That's because we believe church planting is the best strategy in transforming lives and communities.  It is also a great way to inspire our current 800 congregations to be missional over maintenance.  Our great desire is to help our church developers get started strong in order to not just survive, but to thrive!  We will assist our developers in personal training, as well as the training of launch, worship and ministry teams. 

The LCMC Church Planting Network will:

  • Assess potential planters
  • Share effective coaching and mentoring
  • Help manage risk factors
  • Enlist parenting and partnering congregations


The LCMC Vision for Church Planting:

"To be obedient to the Great Commission by developing and deploying 1,000 healthy and life-impacting congregations over the next decade." 

Our LCMC Mission for Church Planting:

"To provide on-going training, guidance, fellowship and support to our mission developers and leadership teams in order to make disciple making churches."

Has God wired YOU to be a planter?

Essential behaviors needed for a church developer:

  • Ignited with the passion of Jesus' Great Commission.
  • Great faith that God wants you to be in His plan for growing churches.
  • Believing and following God's Word and walking in His Holy Spirit.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit (what things in life have you started?).
  • A visionary and missionary to the whole city.
  • Ability to network with people and resources.
  • Mighty in patience with great persistence.
  • A hard worker, disciplined self-starter, competitive.
  • Endurance with quick flexibility.  Coachable.
  • Personal and family health/wealth in good order.
  • Humility with bold confidence in the Lord Jesus.
  • Able to deal with rejection or disappointment.
  • Thankfulness reflected in daily prayer life.
  • Great Gospel preaching and over-all communication skills.
  • People want to listen to, and follow you.
  • Tuned into the culture with the personality, spiritual giftings and media savvy to reach it.
  • Capable of raising funding and thriving under financial restraints.
  • Commended and commissioned by other Christian leaders.

Please continue reading on for more information about church planting in LCMC.