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Relief Efforts

Turkey and Syria Earthquake ReliefRelief Funds2023-03-29
Hurricane Ian ReliefLCMC Relief Funds2022-10-13
Ukraine ReliefKristy ThomasRelief Funds2022-03-03
Kentucky Tornado ReliefLCMC Relief Funds2021-12-21
COVID-19 ReliefLCMC Relief Funds2020-06-12
Wildfires in Australia - How You Can HelpKristy ThomasRelief Funds2020-01-12
Flood Relief in Western Iowa and Eastern NebraskaMark Vander TuigRelief Funds2019-04-23
Disaster Relief Efforts for Hurricaine HarveyLCMC Relief Funds2017-08-28
Typhoon Haiyan ResponseRelief Funds2013-11-13
Colorado Flood Relief EffortsKristy ThomasRelief Funds2013-09-18
Oklahoma City Tornado ReliefLCMC Relief Funds2013-05-21
Lutheran Disaster Assistance FundRelief Funds2013-05-15
West, TX Explosion ReliefRelief Funds2013-05-14
Ongoing Hurricane Sandy Relief EffortsRelief Funds2013-05-13
Relief Efforts for Hurricane Sandy Victims in the U.S.Kristy ThomasRelief Funds2012-11-02
LCMC Congregation Supports Texas Fire VictimsRelief Funds2011-09-14
Living Word Lutheran Church Announces ND Flood Relief FundRelief Funds2011-09-07
Tornado Victim Relief in the SouthRelief Funds2011-07-10
Relief Fund Established to Help EthiopiaLCMC Relief Funds2011-07-10