COVID-19 Relief

Pastor’s Benevolence Emergency Grant
Administered by Lutheran Disaster Assistance

There is a new grant fund available within the LCMC Lutheran Disaster Assistance (LDA) Program. It is a separately funded grant designed for LCMC pastors who lead our LCMC congregations across the country. 

For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has created emergencies that prevent the ability of some pastors to shepherd their congregations.  Most of those congregations are small in number of worshiping partners and have limited options for relief when personal emergencies happen to their pastor.

LDA decided to create a separate fund for difficulties such as these for pastors who are suffering based on our current situation.

To Make a Request:

Download Request Form

Rationale:  There are times when LCMC pastors are in situations of crisis or distress where a limited grant will be of great relief.  This benevolence emergency fund is created for that purpose.

  1. Grants are requested through the Director of LDA, Grants will be allocated based on:
    • If they are appropriate for this specific LDA grantsource
    • Available funds
  2. The LDA Processing Board at St Marks Church, Marion Iowa will review the grant request and, if approved, will send the grant to the LCMC pastor.
  3. Grants will be up to $3,000.  One grant per year to same person.
  4. The benevolence emergency funds available are separate from funds available for natural disaster grants.

Grants are available up to $3,000 and may be requested through Dave Brauhn, LDA Director, at

To Contribute:

The LDA fund is receiving contributions now to make more grants available.  Please clearly designate your contribution for the Pastor’s Benevolence Emergency Fund. Send contributions to:

St Mark’s Lutheran Church
8300 C Ave NE
Marion, Iowa 52302
Attention: Pastor’s Benevolence Emergency Fund, Dave Brauhn/LDA Director

For more information about the Lutheran Disaster Assistance fund, click here

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