Living Word Lutheran Church Announces ND Flood Relief Fund

Greetings friends in Christ from Living Word Lutheran Church in Minot, North Dakota.

The June 2011 flood in the Minot area left hundreds of families devastated. Many congregations of the LCMC have sent emails asking what help they could provide to help these families. In response to these requests our congregation has established the Living Word Flood Relief Fund. Our goal and mission was to provide immediate grants to families in our congregation that needed immediate help. Locating these families proved to be a challenge, but once we found them through various connections, we provided them much needed and appreciated funds for them.

Trying to Rebuild

Words can not describe the devastation as a result of the flood of 2011. Over 4,000 homes were damaged and fully 1/3 of those homes will need to be destroyed. There are few options as the cost of rebuilding is not feasible. Few had flood insurance so the only means of funding is the limited amount being provided by FEMA. Some are looking at completely gutting a home and removing windows and siding leaving just the bare walls. From there the rebuilding process begins and will take months, or even years.

Help From Other LCMC Congregations

We also reached out to fellow LCMC congregations with a request for additional funds. To date we have received over $10,000 and continue to expand and distribute funds to other families outside of our congregation that need help.

More Help Needed

Once again we are reaching out to LCMC congregations who can find it within their means to provide resources through fund raisers or benevolence giving. We guarantee that there are no administrative costs so 100% of your donation is being given to those in need. We also guarantee that funds are being distributed as quickly as possible.

You can continue to send donations to:

Living Word Flood Relief Fund
c/o Rod Wilson
521 22nd Street NW
Minot, ND 58703

Your donations are tax deductible.

Thoughts and Prayers

The immediate attention provided by the national media brought a great amount of focus during the flood. The national media has now moved on and the city of MInot and surrounding area are left to try to rebuild. Your prayers are still needed as this rebuilding process will certainly continue for many years. Besides homes, the city lost a majority of our parks and recreation facilities. Our once pristine zoo is now completely destroyed. Today (September 6th) was the first day of public schools in Minot. Also lost or damaged were a number of school buildings. Two of the facilities will need to be razed and re-built. There is no age limit when it comes to being affected by the flood of 2011.

Thank You!

To those who have provided funds already we extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of those who have or will receive gifts. Our Pastor, Jeff Hoverson, also plans on being at the national convention in October and is looking forward to meeting and thanking many of you.

May God bless each and every one of you as we rise to the challenge of serving Christ by providing these much needed gifts to those in need.

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