Tornado Victim Relief in the South

We, at Christ the King have been doing on the ground work. I took our first load of supplies to a city devastated by a tornado today and am going back tomorrow to bring ice and water to people who will be without power for up to 10 days. We are taking money and using it for our resources to give away to the people in need and then will donate the rest to the local groups continuing relief efforts. If you want to send money, our ... [...]

Relief Fund Established to Help Ethiopia

Persecution is not new to Lutherans in Ethiopia. “However, every time it happens it opens up old wounds and breaks the hearts of many. In the middle of all this our brothers and sisters are walking into this holy Lenten season not with ashes on their forehead but carrying the cross of Christ and confessing their faith in the words of Psalm 23:1, ‘The Lord is my shepherd!’” Dr. Buba said. To read the entire article ... [...]

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