LCMC Workshops

The LCMC staff is available to conduct several different workshops throughout the year.  Check out our Calendar of Events to find one near you, or contact the appropriate person to schedule a workshop in your area!  (Bios and contact info for the staff members listed here can be found on our Staff Page.)

Being a Safe Place

Mike Bradley Being a Safe Place is a seminar designed to help create an atmosphere for the development of healthy leaders and disciples in the church and equip God’s people for lives of effective witness and mission in the world. This seminar is designed to help us learn how God can guide us in creating an atmosphere in which our capacity to live as Safe Place-people can be increased by God, and how He can empower us to tear down one heart, one life at a time the negative stereotype of what it means to be a Christian that permeates our culture today. 

Being a safe place is simply a metaphor designed to help us be more intentional in positioning ourselves before the Lord so He can transform and empower us to think, speak, and act more like Jesus. We all need a safe place where we can build authentic relationships, struggle without judgment, ask real questions and engage in real dialogue, and get to know Jesus. This seminar can help us create an atmosphere in which we can experience these things and more.


Creating a Welcoming Environment for the Holy Spirit

Mike Bradley – The Holy Spirit was active in the life of Jesus. He was active in the lives of the disciples. And He wants to be active in and through our lives today. In this seminar, we will identify multiple ways Holy Spirit can be at work in our lives, empowering and equipping us to tangibly impact the lives of others with God’s love and God’s power. This seminar will reflect on how we can create a welcoming environment for the Holy Spirit and experience His empowering presence at work in and through our lives today.

Call Committee Workshops

Perry Fruhling, our Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry, is accepting invitations to conduct an eight-hour workshop to train Call Committee Coaches - an initiative to equip volunteers, both lay and clergy, around the country - to help resource and encourage congregational call committees if and when they seek additional support. Workshops may be scheduled in person or online via Zoom. 

If your church would desire to host a call committee workshop for your region, please contact Pastor Perry Fruhling (, LCMC Coordinator for Pastoral Ministry.  We are happy to bring the live workshop to your church and area as we invite surrounding churches (100-200 mile radius) to participate.  The advantage of attending a live workshop is the opportunity to ask specific questions and wrestle with the special circumstances in which your church finds itself.  Sharing with and learning from one another is another huge reason to attend.

Hosting is as simple as providing a lunch along with coffee, and snacks for attendees (for which we’ll ask for a donation from participants).  If you have a projector and screen it is an enormous plus!  What a difference you can make in the kingdom of Christ as you welcome others for this important information sharing!

A video version of this workshop is also available.  MORE INFO  |  VIEW VIDEOS

Conflict Resolution Workshops

Perry Fruhling – This workshop covers the basics of emotional systems within congregations as well as families and individuals.  Participants gain a Biblical understanding as well as hands-on experience in conflict resolution.  Reconciliation and forgiveness as well as empathetic listening and responses are a key part of the training.


Church Council Workshop (Video Series)

Mark Vander Tuig – Helping leaders in the church understand their role and purpose is essential to a healthy, vital and faithful congregation.  It is the purpose of our Church Council Workshops to gather as many church council members and other leaders in the church as possible, along with the pastors, to center our ministries on the Great Commission of Matthew 28.  Topics for discussion in this workshop series include the purpose of the church, the Great Commission and the role of the council, the function of vision and mission, unity in the body of Christ and leadership, accepting our differences and growing up into maturity. 


Intentional Interim Ministry Training

A change of pastors is a significant and sometimes traumatic event in the life of the church, and congregations often need the services of a trained intentional interim pastor who can lead them through the change and transition in a healthy manner.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of well-trained, intentional interim pastors available, and the need has never been greater. This is an abbreviated course of basic education for the intentional interim pastor.  We ask that those enrolled bring a serious commitment to learning and conscientious determination to healthy practice of interim ministry.  This course is not intended to be exhaustive, but the first Introductory step in a continuous learning process.