Kentucky Congregation Assists Community in Wake of Tornado

On December 10, 2021, the West Kentucky area was devastated by a category 4 tornado.  Several cities were deeply affected by this tragedy.  Large portions of Mayfield through Dawson Springs were destroyed.  Many families were displaced by the tornado and at this time there are Mayfield families living in surrounding areas, including Paducah. 

We, as a congregation, along with many who have been visiting the Mayfield area as well as other towns to offer help, have been sorting through all the items that have been donated. 

Currently the organizations are asking that we not send any more items.  Instead, they are requesting cash or credit card donations to help get these families back on their feet. 

It will be many years before things could ever be considered normal again.  Many of the first volunteers have already left the area but we are anticipating groups coming back to help again.  There are plenty of areas where helping hands would be useful.

We have had the blessing to be able to coordinate LCMC churches across the country who want to help in some way.  Many donations have been collected both in items and cash donations.  We thank you all so very much, for your concern and support.  

The items we received were quickly delivered to a variety of distribution centers.  We have been reviewing options of where to donate the money that has been graciously donated. 

We met George Glover, president of the “Bread of Life” group who told us about the “Tiny Home” project.  This group has decided to buy “Tiny Homes” to help families return to their towns. 

Right now, some children, after being dispersed, are traveling two hours on a bus to get to their hometown school.  That is four hours a day!

The Tiny Homes are being placed in an old campsite in or near Mayfield that still has water and electric hookups.  Volunteers are donating their time and materials to get things hooked up and to finish the insides of the Tiny Homes.  Another organization is donating all appliances needed for these homes.  It is a beautiful thing, during these hard days, to see so many good people rise to the top and help!

Families with children are being invited to occupy one of thirty Tiny Homes until their houses can be repaired or rebuilt.  George expects to take this on a year-to-year basis thinking it will take up to two years before their homes are ready.  At that point, another family will be invited to stay in the Tiny Home and so on.

For more information on the “Tiny Homes” project, we have recorded the presentation George gave to us at Amazing Grace.  You can see this video at our website, and click on “Weekly Sermons”.  It is the icon with George standing on the platform. 

We have decided that, should more contributions come in, we will forward these funds to this project until another opportunity arises and seems more fitting for the stage of recovery they are in. 

As of today, we have collected over $17,000!  Way to go LCMC churches! 

May God bless you all abundantly who have helped and those who decide to stick with us in the years to come.  We will keep LCMC updated on the current needs.

For more information on tornado relief efforts in west Kentucky, including information on how to donate, click here

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